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What does white widow yeild? please read/help!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by CNNGrower, Apr 5, 2008.


    CNNGrower Active Member

    i bought my seeds from a site that said white widow yeilds 450 grams, than i went to another site a couple days after my purchase and it said white widow yeilds 250 grams than another site said 150 grams. does anyone know what white widow really yeilds if taken good care of?

    pls let me know. im growing 2 white widows right now with an unknown seed
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    Ativas Well-Known Member

    You can't necessarily go by the figures they give you at seedbanks. Estimating a specific person's yield is impossible to do unless you know all the conditions the plants are being grown under (lights, humidity, temps, ventilation, soil, nutrients, the containers used, the person's experience ...) and even then it is somewhat of a guesstimate game - unless you've grown it before.

    Second thing, those figures are not 'per plant,' but rather, 'per area.' For example, if they tell you 500 grams yield, that usually means 'up to' 500 grams per square meter (or some other area size.)

    It's a little difficult to explain but, you need to use area to estimate yield because yield varies a lot by the size of the plant. For example, you might grow 25 smaller plants in that square meter and get 500 grams or you might grow 5 big plants and get 500 grams.

    Given all these variables you see why it's hard to estimate a specific person's yield for a new grow. However, you are only asking about 2 plants so ...

    After having said all that, I will guess anyway. :~) With 2 white widow plants (which is a good yielder - one of my favorites) you will probably get anywhere from 1/2 ounce to 3 ounces per plant depending on all the factors I mentioned, i.e., your experience, lights, nutrients, soil and so forth. Experience is a huge factor. So are lights. 1/2 an ounce would be for someone with poor lighting and not quite sure what they are doing; 2, maybe 3 ounces with decent lighting and growing plants of a reasonable size, without growing too big. (White Widow is short and bushy and tend to grow in a Christmas tree type shape. It can produce a LOT of bud when grown outdoors.) I have no idea how much experience you have, but often beginners think they are taking good care of their plants when actually they are doing many things that will decrease yield. Everyone (almost) gets better with time.

    I have gotten 4 ounces out of a larger (to me) white widow plant but that was a rare thing because I tend to grow smaller plants in a sea of green type setup. I'm attaching a pic of my current white widow grow. They are 3 weeks old. (There might be a Haze or two in the pic also, not sure without looking, 'cause I've thrown a few of them in the grow. (They're younger.) Good luck to you - hope this helps.

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    Snake Active Member

    Ativas ... how long do you let your WW grow before starting flowering? I have three plants 15 days old today and they look about a week behind yours (one is growing faster than the other two). But I'd be curious how long you typically let them veg before flowering if you prefer more smaller plants rather than a few larger ones.

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    White Widow Woman

    White Widow Woman Well-Known Member

    I've grown alot of white widows and normally get between a range of 3 - 4 ozs (that 84 - 112 grams) per plant, but then I normally veg until about 18ins tall.


    Ativas Well-Known Member

    I generally bloom when the plants get about 8 inches tall. Sometimes sooner, rarely later. This, as I mentioned, is because I use the SOG approach. I find it is easier to maintain healthy plants keeping them smaller, among other things.

    I actually just started bloom today. I'll grab another pic so you can see what they look like on the first day of bloom and that should give you a real good idea of how I do it. I'll try to post it asap.

    Since you're only growing 3 plants, you'll probably want to wait longer than that to improve your yield. The thing is, you have to take your lights into consideration. If you only have a 400w for example, it's pointless to grow them taller than 12 inches before blooming because the light will not reach the bottom of the plant properly. All you'd get down there are petty little popcorn buds at best. Hopefully all 3 will be female. :~)

    Kialhimself Well-Known Member

    its all about the quality not the quantity!

    Snake Active Member

    Thanks, and I'd love to see the photo. I got 4 out of 5 of my seeds to germinate, but one sprout stopped growing with about 1/2 a cotyledon leaf out so I killed it. That left 3 plants, and I'm hoping my 87.5% probability of one of them being female at least works out in my favor. How long did it take for your WW to get to 12" after sprouting"

    I can get whatever lights I need, but do have a 400W MH now (conversion bulb) with a 400W HPS bulb ready to swap in at flowering time. Sounds like I might need to get a 600W HPS if I let them grow much bigger than 12" before flowering though (or put additional lower wattage HPS or CFLs around the sides, which I can do if necessary).

    Ativas Well-Known Member

    Here's the pics. I would have preferred to wait another week (at most) before blooming but I threw in some Haze 'extras' this time so it's getting pretty crowded in there. Once the males are removed I expect it to work out just about right.

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    White Widow Woman

    White Widow Woman Well-Known Member


    Snake Active Member

    I see why it is called sea of green! Looks great. I have to start flowering on May 7th no matter what (long story ... visitors, etc.) so I'm hoping mine will be OK by then to cut the light period backl. They are really starting to grow now, and I still need just a little luck for one female from the group.

    hemlockstones Well-Known Member

    YES! but, you have to factor in your costs.. if you spend all that time and moneya nd only get a 1/2oz of good weed.. you might as well just baught some!? and we are talking about ww.... i HEAR its pretty good!? :confused::confused:


    Ativas Well-Known Member

    Thanks WWW

    dmoney1506 Active Member

    how long do you flower for?
    8 weeks?
    9 weeks?

    I have 3 that have been flowering for 7 weeks
    about 40% if pistils are orange. but the buds aren't that big

    warkrimez Well-Known Member

    im growing some femmed WW now,i flowered them at 28 days old from seed,16inches tall...im on day 8 of flower and they are 28inches tall allready.im pruning under the canopy as they grow and im just wondering if this will bulk up the main cola

    06twenty Active Member

    Im a newbie. Beatful WW man.

    bmc123 Member

    hey Ativas,
    am a new grower and have just started a crop of 16 pots from cuttings of WW in a 1metre square tray.

    I have a 600w bulb and a clean in-let of air blowing through the bulb box, and a carbon filter blowing the air out the room, in-let high out-let low,

    the entire room is kingspaned, and there potted in coco, we started them on 18hours light on and 6off for 2 weeks, for root growth, then the light went to 12 on and 12off, now for 1 week, we have loads of veg, how and when do i start flowering?
    many thanks fellow budder

    ceasermix Active Member

    What are u using for light?

    TerrapinStation Member

    EXPERIENCED GROWER HELP! I am new to this so I'm not too sure when to harvest... I am looking for more a couch lock high. My outdoor potted plants are 4 months old. Have been flowering for about 6.5 weeks with super bloom for past month. If you could look at these pics and tell me a couple things... How much longer should I let it grow? AND can you tell what kind of strain it is ( name and I/S) Thanks! I live it Southern Cali so frost isn't a concern.


    MaxxFurio Member

    hulk cocks

    hulk cocks Member

    my white widows 3 weeks into flower, they allready have alot of thc on them,i vegged them up to 21" my first time growing this strain check out my pics and let me know what yous think.

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