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What do YOU do with your clippings?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by TheGreenBiologist, Aug 17, 2009.


    TheGreenBiologist Active Member

    How's it going everybody? I am nearing the end of my first official grow! I wanna know how everyone utilizes their leave-clippings. I would buy some bubble-bags but I'll save that for my next (bigger) grow.

    So what are some techniques that you guys have had first-hand experience in trying? Feel free to also include methods that you felt were "unsuccessful"; this will also help to steer people in the right direction.

    ....O and just a reminder; cloning isn't the type of answer I'm looking for haha

    Thanks everyone!

    growwwww Well-Known Member

    i made a broth with mine ina pot just made a liquid like tea added sugar and drank it. just tasted like sweet water and i dont know if it got me high because i smoked a joint after with a couple of mates.

    Cr8z13 Well-Known Member

    I made cannabutter with clippings and underdeveloped buds from my last harvest. probably will do the same this time too. I made a few dozen bomb-ass cookies that really opened up my eyes to the joys of edibles. I'll probably do the bubble bags someday but not anytime soon.

    Imlovinit Well-Known Member

    When i prune during vegging i actually dry out the nicer leaves and make art. Try it out, pot leaf posters r the balls. As for pruning after harvest I make cannabutter then brownies. My brownies taste downright bad, but i get high as shit. Peace!

    lopezri Well-Known Member

    Do the leaves and extra stuff really give off enough THC to even bother? I just ground my stems, leaves, etc., in the garbage disposable. Had I known that I could get anything decent out of the whole plant I would have definitely tried something with it.

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    i put mine in tupperware and froze it untim I have enough to do something with.

    TheGreenBiologist Active Member

    You sure can! That's why I made this thread, hoping to enlighten some people (including myself) on how they can benefit from their entire plant, not just the buds.

    Thanks everyone for posting! I have made some kief-butter before, but it was with lower-grade shake. I've never got too twisted off edibles.

    lopezri Well-Known Member

    Cool. I'll have to give it a try next harvest. I'm assuming you just make it the same way you would as if you were making it with buds, huh?

    northwoodsmoker New Member

    i would love to make cookies and brownies outta em..yummie..

    TheGreenBiologist Active Member

    Most likely, but I've never made it with clippings before. I can't wait till some people post about making hash or methods on how to boil it down until your basically left with a coin-size disc of hardened tricomes haha. I know you can do it, just not clear on the entire technique

    Imlovinit Well-Known Member

    LOL.... Thats what i do with the old clippings i dont need. Gotta put some dish soap down there or it stanks like pot.

    Woomeister Well-Known Member

    make hash...

    Kingb420 Well-Known Member

    i save them and all my scraps from my mids and make butter using 1 oz w 1 1/3 stick butter as in FAQ's = goodness

    TheGreenBiologist Active Member

    So far it looks like making kief-butter is the favorite amongst people (along with the garbage-disposal haha)

    .....anyone else got any good ideas?

    TheGreenBiologist Active Member

    Bump for some fresh ideas!

    highsoulutions Active Member

    you have to bake it to convert the thca then extract it with a stick of butter

    420Blunt's Well-Known Member

    most often i make butter. just let it cook in a crock pot for 2 hours on high, then 2 hours on low. pour it into a plastic container to let it sit in the fridge or freezer (if you want it done faster). separate the butter from the water. and BAM! bad ass butter. use like 1/4oz-1oz per 1.5 sticks of butter. sometimes i make hash... but its messier than the butter for me. plus - i love watching ppl that think they smoke a lot, eat some mj butter treats. then realize that they dont smoke that much. but u gotta be careful. if they dont smoke. they are gonna get uncomfortably high. ive had 2 ex's eat 1 brownie each and pass out an hour later.

    ....and if you make hash - vaporize it in the middle of some weed and.... HOLY SHIT! HOLD ON TO YOUR FUCK STICKS!

    420Blunt's Well-Known Member

    bake it? wtf are you talking about?

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    Got some trim leaves???

    Fan Leaves????

    HASH, or Hashish, is caked and baked kief, formed into a chunk, clump, or patty, or solid lump. . Kief is extracted trichomes (resin glands)

    Let me revesrse that.

    Those so called crystals (slang term) that appear on the bud leaves, are called trichomes, or trichs.
    When removed, the trichs are callled KIEF. KIEF is gritty, and sticky.,,,,sort of like very small granuales.
    If you remove the trichs (KIEF) and collect them into a mass, they called HASH.
    Frozen or very cold trichs are removed easier. You can use a silk screen, or a Kief Box, or bubblebags, or a Space Grinder to remove and accumulate them. Again, we get them from the "trim leaves", leaves trimmed from the buds, or we can just use the buds. The resulting HASH is very high in THC, a Mind High..
    When I think of OIL, I think of taking the EXTRA leaves, the FAN leaves, and drying them, grinding them up in a blender, with High Octane or High Proof Isopropyl Alcohol, or a liquid that is very evaporative, like the dangerous Butane Liquid.. You mix the blended leaves with the Alcohol, and then evaporate the alcohol out, and you have OIL left..it is like a thick TAR. Not as high in THC, but very high in canabanol., and veyr much the body high.

    Here is HOW:

    you will need is some 100 or 90 proof isophyl alcohol.
    The leaves need to be dried and from female plants.

    And you will need a PERMANENT COFFEE FILTER........ABOUT $3 AT WALMART.
    HASH OIL is not really hash oil. It is the oil of the leaves. They just call it HASH OIL.

    Very simply, keep your FAN or SHADE leaves. The leaves that do not have visible trichomes on them. Put them in open shoe boxes or card board boxes, in the dark, in a dark room, or under the bed. Let them dry for 7 days, stir them daily, to make sure they are dry and do not mold. Then freeze them or save them in a dry box or paper bag.
    You fill half a blender full of the crumbled dried leaves.
    You add half a bottle of alcohol, the highest strenght you can find.
    BLEND them up. Add some move leaves and alcohol and blend them some more.
    Get a NON-DISPOSABLE coffee filter, it is micro-fine, and strain them, keeping the liquid. That liquid is alcohol and oil, half assed mixed. Then you evaporate the alcohol out, takes a week, maybe 2 weeks, depending on how much alcohol you used. But be patient and let the alcohol evaporate, leaving a very sticky, THICK oil. It is almost like TAR. VERY GUMMY!

    You sill need a small sealable bottle to store it in,.

    It is MESSY, use a stainless steal bowl.

    What you are doing is mixing alcohol and oil, and then separateing it later.
    Just like oil and vinegar salad dressing, they mix, but then they separate.
    You use evaporation to separate them, that is why you use alcohol. WATER will not work!
    Get the proper pipe, I like a glass bowl, and put one half drop on the end of a needle or pin, hold the flame under the bowl until the oil smokes and then hit it! Make sure you are near the sofa or a chair!


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    To make that hash oil, you got to have a metal fine mesh filter. A permanent non-disposable coffee filter works great. $3.00 at Walmart!

    VERY IMPORTANT; IF you make the OIL, you have to let it evaporate for a week or two weeks. IF you smoke the alcohol, it will really mess your lungs up.

    Kief Box:


    This is a WICCA Kief box, the very best one on the market. There is one slightly larger and one slightly smaller, and you'll need one to make HIGH GRADE blonde Lebonese or Blonde Afganey Hash. You can buy them at a "head shop" or "smoke shop" or "herbal accessories" store or order them off the internet. Do NOT get a GRINDER Box or Spaceship Box. They make low green or brown grade hash.

    Left over fan leaves make OIL. The left over trim leaves are for making HASH.
    Those CRYSTALS, (slang term) on the leaves are called trichomes, while they are still on the leaves. In Europe, they call them resin glands. AFTER you remove them, they are called KIEF.
    After you bake them, into a lump or chunk or cake, they are called HASH. That is where the HEADY HIGH THC is.

    Most people make HASH a difficult way, called Bubble Hash with ICE and Ice water. If you google HASH, youtube, you can watch 300 videos on how to make hash. The most difficult way is BUBBLE hash with ice water and bubble bags. The Ice water and blender method is easier.

    I use a strainer, or filter or screen, that is in my kief box, to remove them.

    After you save up the trichs, or KIEF, you put them in a cellophane packet from a pack of cigarettes, pack it, use a roller to press it and make it hard. Tape it up with cellophane tape, wrap it with wet newspaper, tape it again, bake it at 200 degrees for 5 minutes on one side, and 5 minutes on the other side, then roll it again with a rolling pin or large glass, , pressing it again, and bake it again twice, 5 minutes each side.

    You can google MAKE HASH to get details.

    YouTube - how to make hash

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    This might help you too.

    Harvesting and Curing
    Many hydro growers drain the tank and fill it with plain water, two days before harvest. Called Flushing. (I quit doing that, I just could not taste any difference.) Soil growers also FLUSH before harvesting.
    I cut the longest branches, put them on a tin-foiled covered tray, and go to my kitchen table. I try to catch any fallen trichomes on the tin foil.
    I have three boxes, one for the big FAN leaves. (for oil)
    one box for the TRIM leaves, the leaves with trichomes on them, that I manicured off the buds, FOR HASH. I've manicured much more since I learned how to make HASH. I want some naked STEM at the end of the buds to fasten my tape to, so I can hang it in the drying box.

    AND One Box for the smaller popcorn buds. (small buds with no stems)

    I manicure them, and cut the leaves off. I manicure closely. IF you leave those leaves on, by the time the buds are dry, the leaves are crispy and harsh to smoke.
    I string masking tape across the top of the box, making rows about 3 or 4 inches a part. I wrap a piece of masking tape, about 4 inches long, around the tip end of the stem, and hang it from the masking tape, in rows, not letting the buds touch each other. VERY IMPORTANT.

    I separate the bigger buds from the smaller ones IN DIFFERENT BOXES.
    I put the boxes in a dark room, NO DIRECT LIGHT, and blow a gentle oscillating fan across the top, but not on them.
    The big buds take 7 days, the smaller ones 5 days. Popcron buds take 3 or 4 days. Some take 5 days.
    If you dry them too much, you can add back moisture. If you do not dry them enough, you get rotten buds and mold.
    Dry them til the end of the stem will SNAP when you break it, but not crispy dry.
    Again, the big buds take 7 days to dry, under a small fan,the smaller ones 5 days.
    Keep them in the dark with little light to see and inspect.
    I never smoke them then, NEVER.
    VERY IMPORTANTLY I then CURE them 30 days in wide mouth jars, opening the jar for ten seconds EVERYDAY , for 30 days.
    Every day, I sniff them, smell them, for any funky moldy smell. If they do not smell right, then dry them outside the jar another day or two.
    I've lost one jar, out of hundreds, the 30th day, it went bad, to Bud MOLD.

    I can not emphasis the importance and difference if you properly MANICURE, Dry AND Cure them.
    DO I HAVE TO Cure 30 days?
    Definitely, I do know for sure, I tried smoking buds cured for a only a week, for two weeks, three weeks and 4 weeks. You should try it too, and you will find what I found. Buds cured 4 weeks not only taste better, they burn better and get you higher too. It has something to do with some scientific complicated SUGAR PROCESSING. or the sugars change . I am 100% sure, you will agree, if you test it like I did. CURE FOR 30 DAYS!

    DRYING? They say dry them til the stem will snap. Well, I get stems the thickness of fishing line and I get stems the thickness of a pencil, even bigger. That tells me that you can not DRY them ALL the same amount of time. So I sort mine, fatter stems from skinny stems. The skinny ones, I DRY for 5 or 6 days. The fat ones, I DRY for 7 to 8 days. IF YOU OVER DRY, YOU CAN REMOISTEN THEM. IF YOU DO NOT DRY THEM ENOUGH, THEY WILL ROT ! I dry mine in the open air, moving air, moved with an oscillating fan. A gentle breeze, in temps of what central air or central heat gives me, which is around 75 to 78 degrees and humidity of 30% to 40%.
    AND YOU MUST DRY AND CURE THEM IN DARKNESS. LIGHT IS THE ENEMY WHEN DRYING AND CURING. I do DRY mine in a room with the shades pulled down, it is not very dARK, but it is not any direct LIGHT, just some leaking light. I read up on Drying and Curing in 4 books I bought, and the above is what they say.

    Save the trim leaves for HASH, you'll be so glad you did.

    When I put my buds in Jars, I put them in the jar one bud at a time, feeling it, to see if it is VERY dry, overly dry, or NOT dry enough.

    I also save several large pieces of the STEM, for later. When I check a jar, if I find a vERY dry bud, a bud too crispy and dry, I ad a short piece of fresh moist stem to the jar, for a half day, to re-moistion it.

    Daily inspecting the jars, opening and smelling them, is of the upmost importantance.

    Those pics are a mixture of my 2007 and 2008 crop. The 2007 crop, I did not trim close. I trimmed, but not close. I'd leave a half inch, to keep the scissors from getting glued together adn I was just lazy and in a hurry. I always got a lot of very dry, too dry, bud leaves, that smoked harsh. More times than not, I threw them away or gave them away.

    And then I got a KIEF Box with a screen, and I started trimming much closer. The 2008 pics, I trimmed close and everytime I opend a new jar, I went and trimmed them again, to make MORE hash.

    Now I reccomend trimming as much as possible and making hash, I never leave any leaf to go into the jar now. I pluck off what I can not trim off.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Buds without STEMS, I just spread out in a box, NOT LETTING THEM PILE UP OR TOUCH EACH OTHER. I stir them everyday.
    Proper Harvest and DRYING and Curing are as IMPORTANT as GROWING.

    Attached Thumbnails[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Popcorn buds:


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