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    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of the 7th week of flowering. This is my first grow so I'm not sure what to do lol so far everything looks good tho. I'm going to list everything I have so if anyone can tell me what to do I would appreciate it so much. I have 6 hybrids(not sure what they are, my old neighbor gave them to me) they are under a 150w hps, I know it's to small for that many but it's all I have. I am getting a 1000w next month. But they look good juSt the last week or so some leafs look a little droopy and a couple leafs look like they may be getting slight nute burn? Not usin them all but I'm going to list all the nutes I have so maybe someone can tell me what I should be using; bush doctor root drench, bio thrive plant food, hydrozyme, Mexican bat guano, bonicare pure blend pro bloom, bonicare hydroplex, bonicare sweet raw, big bud, and m.o.a.b my ph is around 6.2. Is that right? They are in soil and 3 gallon pots. Plant heights range from 1.5 feet to 2.5 not including pots. What exactly should I be using now? Any help at all will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance =]

    P.s. I have 10 seeds I planted a week ago and their all about 5 inches tall. What should I do with those? Nutes? Light cycle? Autoflower? Idk what they are, a friend just had the seeds in a cup so he gave them to me( probably nothing great lol)

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    The answers you need are approaching an short novel in length. Start by reading all the stickies in each forum that you think is relevant to your grow.

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    If you mean by nute burn, your leafs are yellowing. This is normal when you 7th week into flower.
    Or maybe it is burn, you have a right concoction of nutes there.

    7th week into flower your buds well developed now and personally im dont use nutes at this stage just water....just to flush the plants...the plant will use the nutrition left in the leaves to finish off. And your bud will taste better for it.

    Ph is fine
    Personally i wouldnt have planted 10 seeds with only having a 150 hps.
    Not sure if you used a 1000 watter before but id research it before you do.

    What is your grow space?

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    Remember anything targeted to marijuana growers is going to be 10x more expensive. Once you get away from that you need to decide on what style of gardening you are going to try. Seems you already figured out the location which is going to be indoors. Now decided between fast delivery of nutrients or slow delivery. Or in other words, between hydroponic nutrients or fertilizers high in organic matter like manures and meals. Whatever you decide on the goal should be to keep things simple but balanced.

    It's like trying to eat healthy. You stick to thinks you know, you read the government nutrition guide, and basically try to ignore the pretty pictures on the packaging. With plant food you need to understand NPK and micronutrients. All purpose plant foods that have even npk ratios is going to be the easiest especially for your first round. However you do give up some flexibility but you can always start small and add things as you learn. Just avoid adding things because so an so recommended it. Instead wait until you understand why that product works and what other products do the same thing.

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