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What color should the Trich's be before I flush

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bigbudmike, Oct 16, 2009.


    bigbudmike Active Member

    I know that you want to harvest when the trichs are milky/cloudy and just starting to turn amber. I also know that you want to flush at least 2 weeks before they are done. So what color should your trichs be about 2 weeks before harvest? Just starting to get milky or when still clear? Is there such a thing as flushing for to long? I am 33 days flowering and I think I have like 4 - 5 weeks of flowering left. So when should I flush? Here is a pic of bud from a couple of days ago.

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    bigbudmike Active Member

    +Rep for a good answer. I know the title of the thread drives people away. If I had put down "Super Bad Ass Harvest pics" Then someone would look at this thread! :-(

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    you pretty much answered you own ? there in the thread... i would wait till the trich's are atleast all cloudy to begin flushing.. and like you said, you wanna start your flush about one or two weeks before your plants are done.. so if you know the strain that you are growing, all you have to do is find out what the flowering period is for that strain, and subtract the two weeks from the total time.. it also depends on what kind of high you are looking for. the more cloudy the heads are, the more of a uppy kinda high you will get, and the more amber they are, the more of a couchlock high you will get.. and also, a more sativa dominant strain will tend to flower a couple weeks or so longer than a more indica dom strain..
    as far as flushing too long.. i kinda think i did this on my last grow when i got my strains crossed.. i think the only downside to flushing for too long would be that it may cut down on the overall weight of the plant, as it will not be getting all of the nutes it coud for as long as possible.. the plus side of a longer flush is better tasting bud and it will burn much cleaner..
    they also make several products which allow a person to keep feeding up to like the last three days before harvest.. i can;t recall the names of them now, but if you would like i could certainly find out for you... congrat's on a sucessful harvest..
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    nellyatcha Well-Known Member

    should be 50 amber/50 milky and like 2wks b4 finish should be nothing but flushing bro

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    edit.. i just re-read your second post dude, and i would definitely wait till the are all atleast cloudy, ,and some would even say 50% cloudy and 50% amber, but like i said in my first post, it really depends on what kind of high you are looking for.. i hope that this helps out some..

    bigbudmike Active Member

    Thanks I appreciate it. I am not sure what strain I am growing. But I will watch the trichs and when they are mostly cloudy I will start to flush. I think I can guess pretty close to when to start flushing. Thanks again!

    JoeCa1i Well-Known Member

    Flush to me, is just giving them water,no nutes.I start the flush 1 week, after I see the "Hairs" change color.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    just one more thought bigbud.. you can pretty much tell if the plant is more sativa dom or if it is more indica dom by looking at the leaves, and this should help with an idea of the flowering period.. longer, thinner leaves means more sativa, which could be anywhere from like 10 to 14 weeks on some strains, and shorter, broader leaves would tend to be more indica dom, which could go anywhere from like 56 to 70 days or so,, again. this is only a guidline, but it should get you in the ballpark..
    and just get yourself a good 30x jeweler's loupe to get a good look at the trics if you don't already have on.. or i even know of some people who are able to use the macro settings on their camera's to get good looks at the trich's, which are nye impossible to see with the naked eye.. again. i hope some of this helps out

    bigbudmike Active Member

    Ordered my 30x jewelers loop a couple of days ago. Should be here in a couple of days. :bigjoint:

    skunkman98536 Well-Known Member

    amber milky baby!

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    kool bigbud.. sounds like you got this pretty much all figured out.. sometimes i think i know what the right answers are before i even post, its just that i like to bounce it off of a couple trusted growers to make sure we are all on the same page, and besides that, who would know better than a more experieced grower?
    nice job, that plant looks nice and healthy from what i can see in the pix.. try to post some new pix when you harvest it, as i love bud porn as much as everyone else does, lol

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