What chance of survival?

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Will they Survive

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    pon Active Member

    Hi, my grow area is in my shed, outside it's freezing and snowing! I had autoflowers under 4/20 and a Royal Queen photo in a cabinet 12/12 & flowering.
    I have had to turn off the auto grow as everywhere is covered in snow except for my shed roof which has melted the snow and you can see steam as it melted! So not wanting to draw attention to a melted roof I have put 2 autos in with the RQ on 12/12 but when the lights are off for 12 hours the temp dips below 5 C and the RQ leaves hang down like they are wilting. We have another week of temps like these then I'll be able to get some heat in there without it being obvious. Live or die VOTE plz.

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    12hr at a time below 5c...come on

    ghb Well-Known Member

    put a heater in there man, you can get them for less than 20 quid!

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    Expensive to run though, he will probably need a 3Kw heater. Cheaper tube heaters may work but i think they are only to save frosts.

    pon Active Member

    I've got a heater but if I use it my shed sticks out like a sore thumb - everything is covered in snow - and the roof of my shed would be dry as a bone - im trying to be stealth here! I live next to a railway line and plenty of people can see what would be a dry shed roof in a sea of snow, just a little paranoia

    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    get out there and shovel off the roof of the shed and the house then people will just think you removed the snow. people shovel roofs all the time because heavy snow will clolapse them

    pon Active Member

    what about the steam coming off the roof? its not exactly heavy snow, just eveything is frozen white apart from a dry green roof if I have my heater on. it only takes 1 dood on a train thinking whats in that shed & I loose my crop, lights and anything else to some thieving twat. or a FED sees and thinks the same

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    No offence intended but if you're trying to be stealth why choose a shed?

    I use a dehumidifier and a tubular heater to keep temps up in my room. I have intakes utilising outside air so its pretty cold.

    Running a dehumidifier uses 221w of electric added to 80w of tubular heater, without running these 2 my grow area would be under 10C. Using these 2 items is still cheaper than a 2kw heater and it keeps my night temps above 17C.


    pon Active Member

    I have to use a shed as my wife will not let me grow indoors, I have a 70w tube heater & dehumidifier these plus the cfl bulbs keep the temps fine but if I use them it unmasks my sheds stealth in this unusual weather we are having of late, I have the area insulated double skinned, I did this in autumn but the heat has got to go somewhere and up is easy.

    littlewing Active Member

    Had the same problem myself before. You need to create an air space between your grow and the roof.
    First thing i did was insulate the roof on the inside using standard loft insulation. That helped loads.
    But now i just got a grow tent in the shed, helps control the environment loads better.
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    Closetgardner Well-Known Member

    Just tell your wife you need to move the grow inside for a wee while or until the rq finish. Explain that there's more chance of you being caught because of the shed than there is moving everything inside until this weather passes

    jaygrowster Member

    Lmfaoooo chance of survival for your plants is say 0%

    Stealth grow lol .. 100% chance your getting locked soon dude ..

    Fumes coming out the side of your shed via extraction unit. Shed roof melted every were else snowed in.. lmfaoo
    no clue

    no clue Well-Known Member

    Maybe your wife could live in the shed for a little while?

    pon Active Member

    You dont get locked up for it here

    pon Active Member

    If only, not just a while though.

    pon Active Member

    I'll take a pic when the lights come on.

    jaygrowster Member

    Well you did day stealth grow don't want feds landing so I just thought ,if that's the case get ur self a 1:2 m2 tent and thrOw that in Ther , 60 pound off eBay. And maybe some sort of insulated board very cheap but very effective..

    pon Active Member

    Going by the weather report it will be above freezing after the 31st so it'll probably be a bit late to sort it just before then. I think I will get a tent though.
    no clue

    no clue Well-Known Member

    Could you insulate the ceiling of the shed or do you not have room?

    pon Active Member

    Yeah I done that but it's a flat roof! Hey I need a sheet of glass raised about an inch that'll do it or part of an old greenhouse ;)

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