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what autoflower r the best????

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by marley'man, Aug 18, 2008.


    marley'man Well-Known Member

    what autoflowering strains are good to grow? also what autoflowering plants grow big?
    what be the best autoflower seeds to get and where from????

    Cr8z13 Well-Known Member

    You don't have many options to choose from. They're only going to get around 1-2 feet tall, so it's not like one strain is a massive yielder and others aren't. Lowryder 2 seems to be popular. Most places are sold out, but these guys appear to have it. I don't have any experience with that seedbank, though.

    kirby Well-Known Member

    I've been growing Diesel Ryders and its a very nice strain so far... A lot of people have ordered seeds for it this summer... seems like its the new LR#2 haha. It's a stabilized cross of Soma's NYC Diesel and Lowryder#2, with a lot of traits from both plants. One pheno made the buds smell fruity, and the other one was a very very stinky buds that smelled of ... fruits and some strong diesel smell but not gasoline. Depending on how you grow your plants and what genetics they have( i experienced some structural phenos as well ), you can get 0.5-3oz off each plant. They're more forgiving with nutrients as well, and you can max them to their limits.

    One of my ladies even survived her root mass ripping in half, to the size of 2 clenched up fists. The plant didn't experience any shock, and its finishing off flowering. Amazing :P

    Also in my opinion the smoke from the DLR can be significantly better than that of the LR#2. My dried buds smelled like purple.. I don't know how to explain it except it was very good, smelled like grape almost, however purple smelled hahaha.

    you can find a lot of auto-flowering strains @ http://www.drchronic.com
    on the side go to lowlife seeds, or lowryder seeds.

    lowlife seeds are nice as well but produce much taller plants with lots of side branching. dlr's usually have 1 main cola and 2-4 branches coming from the main stem. mine were usually around 1.5ft tall

    hypernovax Well-Known Member


    marley'man Well-Known Member

    cheers guys,
    what can i expect from Lowryder Dwarf Mix seeds, has any delt with these???
    or shell i try l#2 or ak47#lowryder, which 1,
    i need to know asap

    marley'man Well-Known Member


    kirby Well-Known Member

    For anyone who's wondering, Lowlife seeds will grow significantly taller than the Joint Doctor's auto seeds. Lowlife AK47 and such, are a minimum of 2ft usually... which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

    I like fun/interesting genetics... so I prefer the danker but smaller DLR.
    I also plan to buy some LowBerry, Short Term Amnesia, and Little Red RyderHood, and cross them with DLR. Those should be some interesting genetics

    its69 Well-Known Member

    iv'e heard nothing but good things about lowryder automatics

    nigsus Active Member

    check out cropi canna seeds they are producing low ryder strains that grow like strawberies they spread and regenerate year in/out they are expensive but if they are true to their word 4-5 crops a year from same plant then its smiley face time bro

    vladness Member

    hey guys...

    i'm awaiting some dwarf autoflowering seeds.

    is it possible to clone or regenerate dwarfs? i've been reading that in order to regenerate plants, you have to convert them back to vegetative by changing the light cycle to 18 or 20 hours light. now if you're supposed to keep the dwarf at that light cycle for its entire growth period, how would you tell it to re-start after you harvest?

    also, about cloning, is it possible for dwarfs? i've been reading that you should only clone during vegetative growth. since dwarfs generally are vegetative for a very short period of time, is it possible to clone them from flowering stage?

    just trying to stretch the old dollar on the investment... thanks for any help! :hug:

    ironlings Active Member

    sorry bro but autoflowers cant be clone i kno im upset a little myselft i just spent 45$ for three seeds just grow em to their potential

    smallclosetgrowr Well-Known Member

    i got some hindu kush autos on the way cant wait ! your better off buying regular seeds and letting them fuck that way u dont gotta pay that rediculous price ever again , unless u want a different strain. correct me if im wrong but wasnt the first autoflower to exist the ruderalis tall ?

    kronic1989 Well-Known Member

    Whatever you buy. Buy them in breeder packs, thats the best advice I can give you! LowLife Auto Hindu Kush is nice.

    RichED Well-Known Member

    i like low and easy ryder from the Dr

    i always keep them around my supply is out and i just busted four beans i have two at two weeks old and two at three weeks old

    i have pollen waiting to sprinkle on one of the girls

    i heard a lot of good things of others but never tried them im happy with the Dr

    i like D R so much im starting as we speak two reg one fem Soma Diesel at seedlings one week of age

    some dont like automatics say they are a waste of time but they are welcome here

    i have grown them under flour tube, cfl, mh, hps, and one day i d like to try under the sun they love light and each light i listed yield is better then the last

    all i can say is pick something strong be cause end is only as good as what the rudaralious (not sure of spelling) is mixed with for it itself does not contribute to the high just brings the auto features to the game so whatever it is mixed with must carry weight of mother and father as far as flavor head and etc in beginning nobody liked lowryder no head then came lowryder two learning forgetabout it after low 2 everything and kitchen sink

    WELL N joy my brother

    RichED Well-Known Member

    because mother and daughter will be finished flower and redy for death at around the same time
    better you do seed runs but all mj can be cloned some harder then others
    some people cant clone anything some can clone a rock
    i know autos at least diesel and easy ryders

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