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    TheSkyway Member

    Have three bagseed plants vegging that are about 6 weeks now. One has confirmed female but the other two have taken their sweet time. I've never had a male plant but I'm thinking these two may be showing male? Second opinions are very appreciated

    Plant 1

    IMG_1803.JPG IMG_1806.JPG IMG_1808.JPG

    Plant 2

    IMG_1809.JPG IMG_1810.JPG IMG_1811.JPG

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    cant be sure, pic one... id think boy part, not sure. next week youll know
    no matter, you have many weeks between confirmation and pollen to cut them or flower
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    TheSkyway Member

    thanks mate. Just a pain when one shows weeks earlier and the others lag along. Just bagseed but they're growing so well

    flashx Well-Known Member

    Plant 1 looks like it is growing balls... Plant 2 looks like it's still too early to tell yet.

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