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were can i get a purple strain like purple urkle etc...

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by weedman 13, Jan 1, 2011.

    weedman 13

    weedman 13 Member

    i need a fairly decent yeilder with with 8 week flowering period.all help is greatly appreciated.

    frmrboi Well-Known Member


    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    my friend pipe dream on this site, is growing some of reeferman's early purple kush, and he sounds pretty happy with it at this point..
    i know that bc bud depot has the purps, and i have some beans, but haven't grown any of it yet.. you can get them from their site, bc bud depot, which is where i got mine from..
    i've also heard that some of tga's, subcool's gear, has alot of color to it...

    legaltoker Well-Known Member

    im in cali and growers i've talked to say that purple urkle is a terrible yielder......i cant say from first hand experience but that is what i have heard from at least three people. i've smoked purple urkle a few times.....its alright, not any better than any other purple if you ask me. i've also tried purple wreck (avaliable in seed), its a cross between purple urkle and trainwreck, it looks crazy good! smokes pretty good, and i heard it yields a lot better than the urkle...... if your lookin for something with color maybe try that?

    lambofgod Well-Known Member

    I hate to sack tote TGA all the time...seems like I've done so in the past 5 threads I've posted in, but I know first hand you cannot go wrong with Querkle. I dont know much about Urkle itself other then its a slow, low yielding plant from what I've read and heard. If you get a 10 pack of Querkle and can find the right pheno...stick with it...I'll bet my bottom dollar it wont be leaving your grow room for awhile. This is the ONLY purple strain I've ever grown...and the only one I can speak for.
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    Yup yup. I would recommend querkle or deep purple but the EPK is gonna be a better yeilder. Here's a shot from earlier, can't see the purps all that well from the pic but believe me it's their. Most vvigorous plant in my garden. The other one shows how purple it is from the beginning of flowering.

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    littleflavio Well-Known Member

    likewise bro...i hate to soud like i am a fanboy of tga, but in reality i am a guilty of it. i have 5 of the querkle aswell, and just recently purchased cheese quake which has querkle x cheese...querkle used to be the strain i am more excited growing than anything...but the cheese quake will take this cake any day. cant wait to get my hands dirty again

    lambofgod Well-Known Member

    Im ordering 10 cheese quake monday. May get some vortex or dairy queen to go with it......sorry to hijack the thread.

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