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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sunni, Jul 15, 2013.

    Prairie fire

    Prairie fire New Member

    Howdy folks! I am a life long cannabis aficionado and have been growing for over 40 years. Back in the 70s there was mostly brick Mexican, usually completely seeded and nasty! My Uncle was getting amazing bud around that time...ahhh Columbian, both the red and gold and it was unlike anything back then. We had plenty of local grown "domestic" but always was cheap and poor quality, so I took seeds from the Columbian and grew them in the corn....it turned out better than expected and my friends loved it...thus began my life long love of growing herb! Thank you Ed and Mel, the Growers guide to Marijuana was my bible and l learned SO much from reading it. Fast forward 40 years and I can hardly keep up with all the new techniques and gear but still want to learn it all and I believe rollitup is a great forum to further my growing knowledge. I am blown away by all the great new strains available these days and love to test and phenohunt. Strains that are now pushing 30%? Damn I'm in!!!

    Splaap New Member

    New Guy here. Actually, old guy here. Haven't grown since the 1970's. I stopped when people around me started having legal issues. I saw my first marijuana plant in my buddy Jimbo's window sometime in 1968. I have smoked so much ditch weed over the decades that I still fart Paraquat. Legal marijuana at $400 an oz. is beyond my grasp. Besides that it pisses me off. You know the drill, $8 five-finger bags, walked 10 miles to school every day(uphill both ways). My grow expertise, if it exists at all, is in cactus and succulents. I have an interest in evolutionary biology, and some formal and informal training there. I collect Aloes and Haworthias. I love to live in the desert and I never expect to live anywhere else. I am listening. These kids and their marijuana.

    Tarkacountry New Member

    Hi, I’ve returned to recreational weed & am using a vaporiser called Arizer Solo 2 & loving the healthier & different effects... Might be interested in growing for personal use, but not sure how to go about it... any help appreciated... UK based.

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