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weird smell to my weed?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Norcal14, Oct 6, 2009.


    Norcal14 Well-Known Member

    so i choped down my girl and man its smelt like weed bad but as soon as i dryed it for 1 week after that it does not smell well it smells like greenery or hay it looks pretty green as the leafs go but i need your help will this solve itself after curing and the clorafil in the leafs disapear also my buds are pretty dry so is there a need to curing or should i put a cotton ball with water in it in the jar and rehydrate the buds i appreciate all the help i can get to improve as i grow :)
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member


    alwinjames13 Active Member

    They could've dried to quickly... curing may help a little if this happens, but the damage is already done

    What was your temp where you dried at?

    Norcal14 Well-Known Member

    dunno was in the attic like 70 maby at the highest i guess i can just use some smelling weed and put it in my weed and sell :)

    Norcal14 Well-Known Member

    would having to many leafs on the bud itself effect these?

    mutzilla Member

    alright so I just went through this exact hay grass alfalpha smell with some grapefruit diesel. So i cured it for 3 weeks now and it smells better but not great. heres the thing though when I break a bud or cut into the dank smell comes out strong. think it was dried to quick but cure them right and then break them, snap them what ever and should be fine. hope it helps

    alwinjames13 Active Member

    If you didn't trim before you dried you may have more leaves than you want, so it's possible... your temp sounds okay, could've been low humidity...

    Norcal14 Well-Known Member

    fuck!!! oh well sold a dime sack and he got super high :)

    Chadwhick Member

    yeah sounds like you dried too quickly i know its hard staring at your harvest but waiting a week or two and slowing down the process is essential to having premo buds. i hope everything worked out though bongsmilie
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    atrumblood Well-Known Member

    I found that even if you quick dry your buds on accident, only the water has left.

    So you can save your buds by soaking some stems from your harvest in water, and then dry the stems off so that its damp but not dripping. Seal the stem in the jar with the bud. and by morning, you have re moistened and can continue the curing processes from where it left off.

    This only works if you dried your bud in under a week.
    True Stoner

    True Stoner Active Member

    who the fuck sells or buys dime sacks any more?? Isnt it a gram for $10 and not a .8 for $10?? If its killer and the strain is primo then its definitely $15 a gram!!!

    atrumblood Well-Known Member

    Hell, you would think my prices are way pricey then. I sell mine at $65.00 for 3.5 grams. Or $18.60 per gram.

    Depends where your customer base is. I know some places the price goes up to 75 per 3.5 or 21.40 per 1g.
    True Stoner

    True Stoner Active Member

    wow thats a great market right there!!! Im n Canada so its not that pricey here, its probley not crazy sweet indoor though!!! Its indoor but not like you get in BC!!!bongsmilie

    atrumblood Well-Known Member

    My advice to you, is pick an outdoor strain, and grow it indoors.

    This might be complete bullshit, but the results speak for them selves. I like to pick outdoor strains because I believe that they are a more hardy variety, because when it is bred out doors, it is genetically pre-programed to deal with mother nature, and all the bullshit she can throw at em.

    So by growing it indoors, you eliminate most of the variables associated with outdoor growing, and the plant really performs well. Even better than an indoor variety.

    leftreartire Active Member

    well I add an orange peal to my stash if it is to dry! it is the hardest thing to do in life is to wait for your bud to be ready. nothing like looking at them develop on the bush and then having wait again to for it to dry out! life sucks.....loop

    smokinmayne Well-Known Member

    All my girls dry out in 4 days

    I then put them immmediatly in jars and seal em

    let them moisten got 12 hours then burp and dry

    continue to do so for like 6/7 days

    then cure them for 3-4 weeks

    smell iz there that it stinks up the room

    but it didn't after the initial drying

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