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Weird and Unusual places to grow [Post Pics]

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by JimmyRecard, Oct 29, 2011.


    JimmyRecard Active Member

    Hello all

    I have started this thread for everyone to post pictures of weird and unusual places that people have grown marijuana.

    So I'll start with the popular PC Case Grow

    And another popular one is the refrigerator.

    Please add photos of the weirdest or most unusual placesyou have seen people grow marijuana?

    Cheers, Jimmy

    dadio161 Well-Known Member


    JimmyRecard Active Member

    Cool story feel free to fuck off then :)

    smokinrav Well-Known Member

    I've always loved reading about the buried semi trailer grows. Problem is you only hear about them after they're busted. I recall one guy buried a school bus, and I know for a fact people grow in those toy hauler RV's. Sorry,no pics.

    JimmyRecard Active Member

    Yeah I've heard of the semi trailers built underground but got any pictres of the RV or school bus? that would be cool :)

    smokinrav Well-Known Member

    There is a school bus or trailer thread on this site, saw it a couple years ago.

    The RV thing is what i really want to do. A toy hauler has a small garage in the back for carrying ATVs or motorcycles. It is wired for electricity, has a built in vent fan, and they usually come with a sink setup for cleaning. Just make it lightproof, get your smell control in place, hook up to the house water and power and bam, your not growing in the house anymore, but in a place that is in plain sight and where it's not unusual to be going in and out of often. Maybe when I have a spare $10,000 laying around I'll do it. lol.

    b-rad Well-Known Member

    The only prob with the rv is there 12v and when u have it plugged to house power it's going throw a transformer and that will eat your power. My dad has done this, no pics tho. What he did was ran a breaker Box out by the camper then just ran the power in and added the outlet he needed

    smokinrav Well-Known Member

    Better check with him again. RV's have both systems, the 12v is when your hooked up and rolling or boondocking. The 120v is fed with a 30 amp cord which any modern campground has. I'll bet he didn't have to add 120v, he had to upgrade to a 30 amp outlet at home. The 30 amp power cord has an adapter for a standard home outlet, but then you're limited to 15 amps,which may not be enough to run a medium sized grow. A small one with say a 600 HPS, fluoros and fans would easily be run by a 15 amp outlet.

    edit: I should say modern RVs have both systems. Old ones were limited to 12v only, so if he had an old one, adding a 120 would be mandatory.

    Rcb Well-Known Member

    ha i heard about that bus it was in like lousiana or something 3 ppl got busted ha saw it on youtube ill link it http://youtu.be/1r0LW_UIPVI

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member


    JimmyRecard Active Member

    Yeah seen that one, smart dudes and the police didn't even know about the grow up until about 3 years after they were arrested when someone came out to check the electiricity of a neighbour and noticed that they were using his electricity. Only problem is it isn't weird or unusual it's just special and smart :) thanks anyway fro contributing

    Chuke Member


    JimmyRecard Active Member

    Yeah seen that. The union is one of my fav docos. How cool would it have been to see it before it was destroyed.

    Chuke Member

    whole new meaning for indoor growing

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