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weighing your pot on an ipod touch?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by NoCeilings, Feb 8, 2010.


    NoCeilings Well-Known Member

    my boy told me today that there are a few apps out there for the ipod touch that can weigh things. like, say, grass. i browsed the appstore and read the reviews for these things, and the reviews are split about 50/50. some say the apps dont work for shit. others say you have to calibrate it the right way and it will work to a certain extent. im asking if any fellow RIU members have used their iphone as a scale? is it possible? i dont want anybody including myself to burn money on a piece of shit that doesnt work. so, any functionality to these apps?

    tokentomhancock Active Member

    Just buy a 10 or 15 dollar scale and you wont need to worry if its good or not is my suggestion i wouldnt trust it personally cause i dont think the whole touch screen thing has been perfected yet

    Bilstaaa Well-Known Member

    Yeh when me and my mate wanted to split our quarter we brought, we couldnt get scales so my mate said about the app on ipod, tried it and it didnt recognise there was anything on the screen, but they where airy buds, maybe if they where dense buds then it may work?

    Peace x

    Priscilla420 Guest

    Yeah, I wouldn't trust it either. You can buy a cheap scale at your local headshop thats dependable.

    zigzag6 Active Member

    Ok it works ... Just take your iPod Put a lighter under it in middle so its balanced over the lighter, then weigh you bud .

    It doesnt work as a normal balance, it works with the position of the ipod, if u lift one side youll see the number changing.

    +rep me if it works :P

    Arrid Well-Known Member

    Jailbreak it and get the app for free..

    PussymOneyWeed Well-Known Member

    ^This. when u have it set perfectly even and level on a lighter(or finger if u have a steady hand) you set it to zero, then when you put your bud on the screen the Ipod starts to tilt and it converts the angle of the ipod to a weight in grams. Idk how accurate it is as ive never used the damn thing yet. Id say it might work for tiny amounts like up to a quarter sack.

    stonerbeans Member

    my friend has a ipod touch and the scale app doesn't work for shit....

    SocataSmoker Well-Known Member

    Friend showed it to me, tried weighing an oz, didn't work...

    NoCeilings Well-Known Member

    i have a ohaus scout pro at home that changes when a grain of salt is dropped on it. but i cant tote that thing around to weigh my occasional purchase of weed on hand. i was planning on jailbreaking my ipod and i never thought of the free app thing. im about convinced the apps dont work but ill try it out anyway. thanks for the input

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Norrefok, doesn't work.

    enclaved Member

    The iPod touch has a capacitive touchscreen. It is not pressure sensitive like other and older touchscreens that could be used as a scale. There is no way for it to register mass pushing against it. It only measures the electrical conductivity of the objects touching it. Any workaround involving balancing the ipod on an object is a kludge fix and bound to be inaccurate solution.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    the ipod scales is a load of crap, it's essentially a co,mp[letely innacurate manual balance, you balance the ipood, add a weight, and it works out the speed at which it falls off the balance or so, something around that :P

    as said, just buy a scale, or pop into your local supermarket (although their scales only weight in 5 grams :P)

    Doctor.Dank Active Member

    hahaha naw those stupid ipod touch scales never work right! even if its only .5 off that is still like $10 so its worth buying a real scale. believe me! hahahha check out this site if you want a place to buy a nice digital scale for cheap.

    swishsweet Active Member

    3 year old thread!

    dangerouspea New Member

    hey there, there is no default weighing device in your phone but you can install it and use it just off the app store. try typing digical scale, diamondscale, weedscale- these are good and accurate, i juse weedscale for my samsung and its quite awesome.

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