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Week 8, Lowryder 2 grow, no buds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by stoopid75, Apr 6, 2009.


    stoopid75 Active Member

    Hi. My first grow. I guess this should have been posted under the title 'Thought I knew what I was doing, guess I didn't.' Thought I'd start nice 'n easy, so I got some Lowryder #2. Think I fucked up almost everything I could, too much nutes:dunce:, too high ph:dunce:, lights far too close, all of which I gradually sorted. Against all odds I still have 3 beautiful healthy looking females the tallest of which is just off 19". Only problem is at 8 weeks old they should be ready to harvest almost, but I'm only seeing a few (very few) hairs. I presume this is due to all the stress I placed the plants under, after all I only figured out that my light was too close about a week and half ago (400w hps was only 12 inches max away from the plants):dunce: :dunce:My question I guess is, will my plants be able to give me a yield of any kind, after all at 8 weeks old most Lowryder 2 should be almost ready for the chop. Will they now flower fully ever, or will they begin to die soon due to their naturally short life cycle? Any advice much appreciated. Cheers.

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