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Week 8 Flower with Nute Burn! HELP!

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by SamWaterstone, Jul 7, 2013.


    SamWaterstone Active Member

    I have a 10 gallon and a 5 gallon running all roots organics. I've made the dreaded mistake of over fertilizing, but i think it was the lack of pure water i wasn't giving them in between their weekly nutrient feed. (does that make sense?)

    So basically i was feeding the 10 gallon Three gallons of nutes and the 5 gallon Two gallons of nutes a week and only about 1 gallon of pure R.O water in between feeds. I think that is what caused this nutrient burn. Lack of pure R.O water.

    _DSC6999.jpg _DSC7003.jpg _DSC7004.jpg _DSC7005.jpg _DSC7006.jpg _DSC7007.jpg _DSC7008.jpg

    So now i have to FLUSH! And I'm on week 8 going into the Flush Week.

    Question: Do i really need 30 gallons of water for the 10 gallon and 15 gallons of water for the 5 gallon to Flush???? I also need to add some Cal-Mag in there. I feed them every Thursday night, so it was 2 days ago that i fed her. And it's getting worse. (such a stupid newbie Mistake!)

    Can i just let it ride and stay on normal schedule? or will this badly affect my buds? Or do i really need to Flush in order to save them.

    MedicalGardens Active Member

    use sugar e for flushing make your buds have the best flavor.. And you should always "Pump" Your plants every other watering.. But if you get like sugar e you can use it with every water for the last 4 weeks of flower to improve crystals to. You burnt it cause of to much nutes.. your plant doesnt even get rid of the nutes that you already put on from your last watering so your just adding more nutrients to the plant thats already there/. And you should leave your lights off for 5 days... that helps density.. no you dont need 30 gallons you need to just use water and make sure it goes completly through your plant to the bottom of the pot, maby wait 5 minutes smoke a bowl after your done watering your plants and do it again if they need water then let em do there thing!! hope i helped:)

    MedicalGardens Active Member

    Last 5 days before harvest people turn the lights off or how ever long you want.. every grower is different!

    SamWaterstone Active Member

    Thanks for the advice guys. But what do you mean by "pump" the plants every other watering.

    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    I personally would flush the hell out of them right now. You have to get those nutes out of the soil, and yes, you are going to need a lot of water. If you don't you plants will be dead in a week, or sooner. You should attempt to get almost clear runoff, which is going to be hard to do unfortunately. Don't bother with the Calmag now, your plants probably won't need it.
    past times

    past times Well-Known Member

    What strain is that? only have one bud shot in there, but looks pretty close to finishing anyway. I would flush. Maybe not the full 3 times, like you mentioned. more like 1 time pot size (If you are thinking you are going another 2 weeks), this will leave some nutrients so there is something. Then I would flush again at next watering. Let the plant cannibalize itself a little (Take nutrients from fan leaves to finish off buds). You will notice the leaves lightening in color towards the end. Now the pumping, depends on your medium. Are you in soil, coco, peat?

    SamWaterstone Active Member

    I think it is Lemon thai Kush for the 10 gal. (i say i think because i knocked over my seedlings in the beginning and fucked all the names up.)
    View attachment 2728361 View attachment 2728362 View attachment 2728363 View attachment 2728364 View attachment 2728365

    and Top Skunk 44 for the 5 gallon.

    _DSC6993.jpg _DSC6994.jpg _DSC6995.jpg _DSC6992.jpg

    these pictures were taken 2 weeks ago when they were beautiful and green. Funny how shit can change!!! FML!!!

    My medium is Soil: Roots Organics 707 using the 5ml Master Feeding Schedule.

    Ok. So I'm going to flush right now. gonna move them into my tub and flush 10gallons of pure r.o water for the 10gallon and 5 gallons for the 5 gallon. Will do it until my run off is a bit clear.

    SamWaterstone Active Member

    gonna set the pH @ 6.2-3.
    Royal Blue

    Royal Blue Active Member

    I think the best thing to do at this point is just start flushing
    its definitely nute burn and for 8 weeks in a 10 and 5 gallon pot those buds should at
    the very least be 3 finger buds so you must have been over feeding throughout flower.
    plus at 8 weeks you should be flushing anyway.
    at this point there's no reason to try to recover the plants
    because by the time they did (if the did) you could already
    have another set of healthy plants ready to be put into flower.

    so my advice simplified....flush,harvest,start new and
    next time don't give it so much food its choking
    you would be surprised on how very little nutes you really
    need to get some quality herb.
    hopefully that helps and remember
    less is always better than more.
    Royal Blue

    Royal Blue Active Member

    • had to delete last text because i didn't read that
      the pics where 2 weeks old. [​IMG]

    Royal Blue

    Royal Blue Active Member

    ya deleted last text because i didn't read that
    the pics where 2 weeks old.:shock:
    Mr. Outdoors

    Mr. Outdoors Well-Known Member

    On your next run get your self a ppm tester, (if you dont have one) and check the ppm's of your run off. This will let you know if your nutes are building up.

    SamWaterstone Active Member

    Royal Blue: thanks for the advice. And you're right, i was hoping they would be fatter buds. And those pics are not in the 2nd week of Flower. They were taken 2 weeks ago, so they were in week 6 of flower.

    Mr. Outdoors: Yes!!! a ppm tester would have been ideal. but i was being a cheap ass. Is there a chart where i can see where the ppm should be at a specific week of Veg and Flower?

    SamWaterstone Active Member

    so i just flushed my 10 gallon with 12 gallons of r.o. water set @ pH 6.2. It took about an hour. It was draining really slow and the runoff started a bit brown and then clear by the 6th gallon. She's very very heavy now. Need to go to work right now, so when i come back, i will start flushing the 5 gallon.

    Damn, i hope this works. 4 months of hard work and dedication just to fuck it up on the last couple of weeks.

    SamWaterstone Active Member

    But i really think a need another 17 gallons to flush out the 10 gallon pot.

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    be careful determining between deficiencies and nute burn. that is not nute burn. its phos and potassium deficiencies. yellow and brown crucnhy tips is phos def. then the edges like that is potassium def.

    Nute burn will start with reddish brown tips. then the edges will turn the same color and the leaves will flare up and taco. then the leaves will claw and you would have nute lock out.

    SamWaterstone Active Member


    hyroot Well-Known Member

    If you have been flushing tough. Drooping is most likely due to over watering. It should be 1 day per gal between watering. A 5 gal should be watered every 5-6 days. I water my 7 gals once a week. I water 16 oz (1 party cup) per gal of soil.

    A guano tea with kelp should help.

    Look into worm bins. Making your own vermicompost. With soil its all about the bennies.

    SamWaterstone Active Member

    so 16oz of nute mix per gallon of soil. 16oz=0.125gal. 0.125x10(gal)= 1.25gallons.

    Are you saying i should have fed my 10 gallon 1.25-1.5 gallons of nutrient mix? I was feeding her 3 gallons. Hence, the nute burn.

    If you water once a week, is that watering a nutrient mix? When do you water pure h2o?

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    I do living organics. I top dress with dry nutes every 3 or 4 weeks.. Crab / shrimp meal, kelp meal, basalt rock dust, and neem meal. Also compost and worm castings.

    I use tap water. I aerate for a day to rid of chlorine and add o2 to water. Sodium sulfate in molasses and coconut water neutralize all chem in water. It breaks down chloramine into ammonia. That takes twice as long as chlorine to evaporate. Aerating takes an hour or 2 to rid of chlorine.

    Every other watering I do a compost tea. molasses , compost, worm castings, kelp meal, oats, home made aloe powder.

    The other watering I do an enzyme tea. fresh Coconut water or diatistic malted barley flour. Or barley seed sprouts tea.and aloe powder.

    I do not use bottled nutes. They have so many gnarly chem that are not on the label. Even ones labeled organic do too?

    In veg and first 10 days of flower I do a foliar spray with kelp and aloe powder every other day. Once a week I spray a neem meal solution. Not neem oil.

    No ph -ing . True pure organics ph is regulated and buffered naturally.

    No flushing either. The only reason to flush is to rid of inorganic and synthetic salt build up. That does not happen with pure organics

    I only water with plain water 1-3 times per batch but only if Im being lazy or out of something.

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