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Week 5 day 3 of flower - What tips can you offer a newbie in the final hour?

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by jonnynobody, Jan 23, 2013.


    jonnynobody Well-Known Member

    As the title states...I'm nearing the end of my first real medical grow and things are progressing along nicely and buds are fattening up and I feel like I have things dialed in pretty well but I've never really made it this far with a grow this nice and I started thinking....am I missing something? Is there something I should be doing or should do soon? When should I begin flushing? Should I cut down lights on to 10.5 hours? Should I use an actual flushing additive? Should I continue using floralicous plus all the way through the flush?

    I've been using GH line of nutes along with floralicious plus...

    Thanks for all your help fellas (and ladies)....jonny never could have made it this far without RIU!

    zone5bmi Active Member

    Yeah your missing Pics pics pics. I just knew you had some nice beautiful shots up in here some where to show what stage your at and what you should be at????? where they at?
  3. pics or its all bullshit

    HomeLessBeans New Member

    Ya wanna know why we want pics??? At this stage I thro out the calendar, recommended nutes, all that Horseshit. And read/listen /watch my gurls. Leaves yellowing ? Dirt or hydro? Is there a reason outside of doneness to chop? I.e money,space,want to reveg as moms?

    bloodytrichomes New Member

    need a kodak moment

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    Pics would be helpful. One thing I can throw out there without looking at a pic is to watch your bud density, relative to the humidity in your flower room. This time of year shouldn't be bad, but if your humidity is up around 55% or higher in your room, and you have nice dense flowers, mold could become an issue and you won't even know it until you start trimming.

    A couple pointers to help avoid moldy buds:

    -Try to keep some air flow circulating towards the tops of the plants (where the most dense buds are). I use an oscillating fan.

    -If you are defoliating, try to leave the stem of the leaf intact. If you pluck a fan leaf, and break it off inside the cola, it will cause "sap" to form where the break was made, and that moisture inside the cola will be ideal for mold spores to take hold.

    -Never done this myself, but I've read where people will stick toothpicks in the cola in an effort to open it up a bit, and separate the individual flowers within the cola to allow airflow to penetrate.
    The Growery

    The Growery Active Member

    I agree with homeless, even different phenotypes of the same strain will harvest at different windows. get the microscope out and check out them trichs. I generally look for the very beginnings of cloudy trichs which signals the 2 week flush for me and I always end up with 10-30% amber trichs at harvest after flush.

    jonnynobody Well-Known Member

    damn homeslice I have my grow journal posted right on the forum's front page...


    all my pics are there from beginning to current. I'll be posting new pics tonight after lights on @ 7. The most recent are 4-5 days ago I think. I'm growing in dirt and have been using GH flora micro, flora bloom, and flora veg for the base nuts and recently been using floralicous plus every feeding and every watering. I water, water, feed, water, water, feed...600w hps and I'm growing in a tent 3x3x6.

    I suppose I did leave out some details eh?

    Thanks for the info stow...good shit in that post. I'll put it to good use. As a matter of fact, I just purchased another clip on fan tonight from the dro shop to put above the canopy as I am trying to maintain excellent air circulation to inhibit mold growth. That makes a total of 2 fans above the canopy and 1 fan below the canopy blowing fresh air upwards into the canopy....that on top of the 200cfm inline fan exhausting through my carbon filter should provide adequate airflow.
    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member

    growroom etiquette to avoid bud damage.
    "don't squeeze the charmin". it's a nearly an irresistible urge that must be avoided (i keep a machete close). smell the underling buds. good times

    jonnynobody Well-Known Member

    As requested...new buddage pics. Just installed new 6" clip on fan above the canopy. Oh it's so sexy...yes, oh yes. Good ventilation gives me a quarter chub I tell ya what :)

    IMG00316-20130123-1921.jpg IMG00317-20130123-1921.jpg IMG00318-20130123-1921.jpg IMG00319-20130123-1922.jpg IMG00320-20130123-1922.jpg

    jonnynobody Well-Known Member

    I can't stop squeezing buds to save my life...maybe I need a support group

    btw, jonny has decided to go with a 600w eye hortilux bulb next flowering cycle. Comments welcome

    Should set jonny back about $120 or so..
    Po boy

    Po boy Well-Known Member

    looking good and smelling even better!!! don't let them starve for nutes. GL

    DaleRoberts Well-Known Member

    How come you have your light so far off the tops? I have a cool tube with a 435cfm venting a 600w horti and I think it's only 8in from the tops. This time of year I can set it on the buds almost without a heat issue. Swell them ladies up nice! Even though I use gravity and purple Maxx at the end I still slam that light on them. In the summer months I have to keep my tube about 12 inches off the tips. Looks like yours is at least 18in away. I could be wrong though?

    jonnynobody Well-Known Member

    You are wrong but no love lost my friend. My light is about 12-16" away at all times I move it day to day

    DaleRoberts Well-Known Member

    Pics are hard to judge sometimes I guess. Ladies look very good though.

    zone5bmi Active Member

    Looks good from this view. Pictures arent very clear. But the coloas look nugged out and the some white hairs are still there. Stopped touching the buds dude. Well maybe once or twice through out the life but its not a good thing to do. More harm then anything else.... If your looking to get a good scent/sniff of the flowers. Just find a frosty leaf near the bud and rub your fingers on that. That will do no harm and you will get the smell your craving.
    Huel Perkins

    Huel Perkins Well-Known Member

    If your plants are looking healthy don't change a thing! No playing with the light schedule, no special additional bloom boosters, no flushing, no temp changes, just keep doing what you've been doing. At 5 weeks they still probably have another 3-4 weeks to go.

    There are no special tricks or products that will help you in your final weeks, they're all bullshit. The only real trick is to try to keep them as green, healthy and happy as long as possible.

    HomeLessBeans New Member


    Yeah that. Pictures look easy 3+ more weeks. When the leaves start to yellow I would go to strait water.

    Murfy Well-Known Member


    looks kick ass bro! those are gonna be sweet nugs.

    just wait till you veg plants with mir.

    welcome to gardening.:)

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