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Week 2 Flowering, Not Much Happening. Help. Pics Included

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Hank Gregerton, Mar 14, 2011.

    Hank Gregerton

    Hank Gregerton Member

    Hey everyone
    I'm pretty new at this. But I've learned everything I need to know so far from you guys. Seriously, you guys have been a HUGE help.
    But here's what's going on right now:
    I'm in week 2 of flower (day9) and not too much is happening. They're both female for sure, but all I see are just a few hairs. And they started to show 1 week before 12/12.
    I dunno...please check out my pics and let me know if everything looks good or not.

    ps...I know I didn't include ALL my grow details, so feel free to ask.

    Whiteberry Strain, Paradise seeds

    CANNACHIPS Active Member

    just give it time man,if your white hairs are coming through the buds will follow.
    Hank Gregerton

    Hank Gregerton Member

    Thanks chips, getting this far is a 1st to me.
    All i needed to do was the research.
    I just really don't know what to look for in the flowering stage.

    CANNACHIPS Active Member

    keep an eye for unwanted pollen sacks that might appear.good luck.

    avier101 Member

    Two weeks is just the begining. You say they are female and you see the white hairs. That means you are on the correct path my friend. Buds take time to grow, months. My first grow I was a little impatient and harvested to early. Big mistake, dont be like me. Its all a waiting game. Just watch them close and take care of them like you would a child. Wait it out until the end and take good care of ur babies and you will be rewarded. Cannachips was 110% correct about watching out for pollen sacks at all times. You can have what looks like a 100% healthy female and it can form pollen sacks. I once had a beautifull female and the buds were growing so nice. One day I was really inspecting the buds on all my babies. Durring the inspection I saw a few of these tiny little yellow things growing on one bud on one plant. I thought at first that I had some yellow buds growing lmao. They looked like a banana when you peel it back. They also resembled little yellow flowers, more like a banana peel tho. I really did'nt understand what they were at first so I got a pair of tweezers and pulled one. I knew as soon as I pulled with the tweezers what it was. A little puff of pollen fell over the lower buds on the plant. I knew then that the plant was a hermi. :( It was strange because I never saw just one bud on a plant turn hermi. I have seen entire plants or a large portion of a plant turn hermi, but never just one bud. I had to take that plant away from the others fast. I had no where else to put it so I just took it away and harvested it. That was better than leaving the plant in there. It would have fertilized all the other plants and destroyed my hard work. The only good thing I got out of it was one bud on the plant had seeds in it. I only got five seeds but thats better than getting thousands if the plant would have stayed in there with the others. The smoke was really good so I was not that unhappy. Ever since then I check on a daily basis for those pesky little pollen sacks. If you find them dont try to pull them off it will only spread the pollen and delay the inevitable. The pollen sacks will only grow back. I wish I would have got the same advice as Cannachips just gave you. Cannachips that was great information for any new-comer. Hank Gregerton patience, patience, patience and read, read, read. Always remember that when you are doing this. If you get to impatient or ahead of your-self disaster will strike. Reading is where you will find the knowledge you seek. Knowledge, and patience, is the key to success.
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    CultivationArt Active Member

    Also remember that flower starts when its acually flowering. not when you switch to 12/12

    and youll know your first week of flower trust me.

    weeks 1-3. hairs and cylaxs cluster. weeks 4-5 buds start to form
    weeks 6-8 swelling color takes place riping begins(indicas).---> sometimes harvest. for longer flowering strains
    weeks 9-12 is when the swelling begins and color/riping starts

    avier101 Member

    Durring flowering dont spray any fluids on the buds. More than likely that will create mold on the buds. Watch out for bugs. Ie.. spider mites, fungus gnats. Spider mites will eat your plant up and Fungus gnats are known to eat at the root system. I personly hate fungus gnats because they got stuck on a bunch of the tricomes all over my plants one time. They dont taste good when you light it up. :) I hope you never have those problems. My fater use to say Proper, Prior, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance. It is always good to know what could be a problem in the future and how to combat it. Have fun and always remember if you live in area where it is not legal to grow. DONT TELL ANYONE! ! ! Your best friend can become an enemy over a green plant and a bad split with a girl friend can get you some time in jail. IF THEY KNOW. If no-one knows then you can not get into trouble. I live in a state that you can grow and buy medical smoke. I still do not tell anyone what I do. A guy came into the dispensary the other day and told us that his house got broke into and all his plants and smoke got stolen. Only the stuff that had to do with his medical weed was taken and gone. He did not call the police because the guy that lives next door to him saw who did it. Guess who? His own brother! ! ! Just because it is legal does not mean people will not try to steal it from you. The world is not filled with all nice people. I wish it was, but it is not and never will be. Be safe and have fun.
    Hank Gregerton

    Hank Gregerton Member

    Cultivation Art, great reply.
    Question for you...I had single while hairs showing almost 2 weeks before i switched to 12/12. Does this mean that when they appeared, the flowering process began?
    Whiteberry apparently has a 8-81/2 week flower cycle. So do i begin the countdown when I changed from 24/0 to 12/12, or from when the female hairs appeared?

    Wolverine97 Well-Known Member

    No, what you saw then were pre-flowers. I start my count from the day I flip the lights, most of my strains are done in nine weeks, some go 10-11.

    xochilives Active Member

    yeah, the first week(s) of flower is stretching and more vegging, especially if its a sativa. You can speed up and minimize that process by using products like bushmaster, ive seen plants flower in days not weeks, but you have to really veg your plants good or they will remain close to the same size as when you first put them in flower. Sweet grow setup by the way, thats pretty wild lookin and that DWC has some nice fatty branches, good luck!
    Hank Gregerton

    Hank Gregerton Member

    Ya, I've been using Advanced Nutrient's Micro Grow Bloom (1:1:1)
    I just got some money so I want to switch to Sensi-Bloom. It's ph perfect! Also going to get some bud enhancers and what not. The website AN has is amazing. I'm just going to follow their nutrient calculator and grab what they recommend.
    Hank Gregerton

    Hank Gregerton Member

    Do any of you guys have a educated guess on what kind of yield I can expect?
    I understand there are many probabilities and variances, I am just looking for an estimate.
    What do you think?

    badmanblazer420 Member

    1 nd half bro dnt worry ull b happy with it

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