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weeds smells like grass...

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by crickitmd, Sep 16, 2006.


    crickitmd Well-Known Member

    what up potheads,
    my boy gave me some freshly cut weed. it's dry but its doesnt smell NOTHING like weed, its smells like grass. i know you have to cure it or whatever, so i put all the nugs in a glass jar. anything else i should do that would help my nuggies?
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    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    fresh bud doesnt smell like street schwag. it smell green and pungent, almost fruity. id try jarring it for a week or so then give it a smell. if nothing happens, it means it was probably dried too fast. if this happens to be the case, just smoke it and enjoy what you can

    crickitmd Well-Known Member

    ok cool. i just jarred my bud today as you can see. in a week or two ill give it a sniff. right now it just smells like grass, no fruity smell.

    silvernomad Well-Known Member

    Bud can have different smells...... I got some god bud and it smells like carmel coffee, and then I had some Strawberry Cough Bud a few days ago, and it smelled like strawberrys. Then I just got done smoking some that smelled like a smokey nutty smell.

    Does it smoke, burn OK?
    What does it taste like?
    What kinda high do you get?


    crickitmd Well-Known Member

    let me smoke some so i can tell youbongsmilie brb

    crickitmd Well-Known Member

    okay im back :eyesmoke: . the weed burns good, took me like 6 hits from a bong to kill a bowlbongsmilie . And I killed 2 bowls . doesnt really taste like anything, but its not too storng. and i got an alright high i guess. how high would you been after you smoked 2 bowls of your stuff? i got like a mind high not body high. but not giggly. haha

    bean Active Member

    i dont know how long you have been smoking weed so i dont know how much you know, but sometimes a bong can take around 10 minutes to fully kick ibn, also go watch a movie/play a game to take your mind off it, if you concentrating thinking "am i high yet? am i high yet?" your not likely to have a good high, go do something then it should hit you, atleast it does with me! pretty stronglyu too ripping a bong by my bed once playing GTA was pretty hard to get out of bed! lol
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    I always say if you have to ask yourself if you are high then you are not high. About the amount of bowls it should take... I got the one hitter quiter. lol. If I take more than one hit before work I will usually screw up everything I touch. lol.

    AssGasOrGrass Active Member

    If you arent feeling high off 2 bowls, then you should definitely wait, i got some street weed that gets me stupid after a bowl, so wait the 2 weeks and try again, if it still sucks, all you can do is smoke it

    crickitmd Well-Known Member

    alright thanks for the tips. yea ive been soming for like 5 years, everyday almost. but the weed was alright compared to the shit being sold out here. damn im really gonna try hard to grow some nice stuff, that hitter quiter shit. so any help is cool

    JB_420 Active Member

    Yeah man give it time, and if it isn't any good then you cant complain as your son "gave" it to you :) hey, cant go bi*ch about free weed... lol, my friend gave my a half O of his plant, but it was still premature, but i got pretty baked off of it from a bowl..

    yup2yup Active Member

    dont sweat it man ive gotten plently of jawns round here that smell like what your talking bout, there always beasters though. almost smell like hay right? Sometimes they werent cured right when i get and other times the nuggets have been stored nin something that made em smell like that.
    Weed Guy

    Weed Guy Master Roller

    Any pics? I know its been 2 year....but stilll.

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