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Weedfest movie

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by marijuanaFTW, Dec 1, 2009.


    marijuanaFTW Well-Known Member

    you know at the end of Beerfest when the guys run into Willie Nelson outside of that pot smoking competition and it says "Coming Soon: Weedfest" or "Potfest" or something like that....im wonderin wtf its been like 4 years why havent they made that movie yet!!! Thatd be a phenomenal movie lol

    ...... Well-Known Member

    Yea it would be great and I was looking forward to seeing it but it looks like they just gave up on it since its been so long

    DirtyPirate Active Member

    I'm not giving up hope... :eyesmoke:
  4. LMAO Am I really the first one to tell you guys this, IT'S ALREADY BEEN MADE.

    marijuanaFTW Well-Known Member

    are u serious??

    Bookworm Well-Known Member

    last I knew it got outvoted by super troopers 2 on the website for whoever it is who made those movies
  7. As a Heart Attack. :-) Last Year. An Animated film.
  8. Yep yep yep! Prequel right now they have three different scripts for ST2

    DirtyPirate Active Member

    According to any reference I can find on the internet, "PotFest" is MIA. Slammin' Salmon comes out December 11th though...

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