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Weed to butter ratio?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Benassi, May 17, 2009.


    Benassi Guest

    How much butter per 1/4 ounce to make cannabutter?

    I'm planning on cooking a 1/4 ounce into butter and then another 1/4 ounce into the cookie mix itself.

    Advice? Thought?

    ugzkmk Well-Known Member

    when i make butter, 16 ounces (4 sticks) of butter usually yields about 4 ounces (1 stick) of cannabutter. the amount of weed to add is up to you. for reference, when i did do on the fly brownies, muffins or cookies, i usually did 1/2 ounce of weed to whatever amount of butter or oil was called for.

    it all depends on how potent u want it.

    Benassi Guest

    Very potent lol.

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