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Weed Smoking Presidents

Discussion in 'Politics' started by maylee, Nov 3, 2011.


    maylee Member


    [​IMG]George Washington
    Washington routinely smoked marijuana to alleviate the pain from his ailing teeth. Washington’s diary recounts his efforts to better cultivate and enhance his crops of marijuana.
    [​IMG]Thomas Jefferson
    Jefferson grew cannabis on his plantation and smuggled Chinese hemp seeds to America. He also is believed to have given special smoking blends out as personal gifts which is why he makes the list.
    [​IMG]James Madison
    Madison once remarked that hemp gave him insight to create a new and democratic nation.
    [​IMG]James Monroe
    Monroe began smoking it as Ambassador to France & continued to the age of 73.
    [​IMG]Andrew Jackson
    Jackson has been documented to have smoked cannabis and tobacco cigars along with the troops he led.
    [​IMG]Zachary Taylor
    Like Andrew Jackson, Taylor is said to have smoked with his troops in one or more of the many wars he was in.
    [​IMG]Franklin Pierce
    Continuing a popular theme of the era, Pierce also smoked with his troops as a general in the Mexican-American War. In a letter to his family, he says cannabis is “about the only good thing” in the war.
    [​IMG]Abraham Lincoln
    Quotes (real and fake) about Lincoln enjoying hemp are all over the internet. While some debate if Lincoln sparked up, many resources point to yes.
    [​IMG]John F. Kennedy
    Close acquaintances say Kennedy used cannabis regularly to control his back pain (even during his term) and actually planned on legalizing marijuana during his second term.
    [​IMG]Jimmy Carter
    Along with his efforts to legalize marijuana, Some say Carter also hosted many marijuana smoke filled events at the White House. This leads most to assume Carter at least tried it at some point in life.
    [​IMG]George W. Bush
    Bush publicly refused to answer the marijuana question. He was later caught saying he refused to talk about it “because I don’t want some little kid doing what I tried”.
    [​IMG]Bill Clinton
    Clinton famously stated that he smoked but “didn’t inhale”. He has been known to bend the truth every now and then, so he still makes the list.
    [​IMG]Barack Obama
    Even though he joked off many American’s wishes to legalize marijuana, Obama has been very open with his own marijuana smoking in the past, once saying “I inhaled frequently. That was the point”.

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