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Weed Opens The Mind

Discussion in 'Spirituality & Sexuality & Philosophy' started by Killer Vanilla, May 2, 2010.

    Killer Vanilla

    Killer Vanilla Well-Known Member

    iv been smoking since the age of 11 im now 20, i honestly think smoking weed has opened my mind, when i look around i see nothing but pawns who cant use there brain, they think they need to work 9-5 to support an economy and "making something of your life" is - working in a pointless job and one day having a mortage and a house

    that is such a small dream, i have changed so much the last year i use to never think into anything and just be part of the typical earth and if i red what im putting right now i would laugh like hahaha what a cringe faggit, but there the people whos brains are blocked from thinking anything but what they were brang up to believe and never even think to look into the sky and see whats going on

    i use to have a friend who talkd about wanting to live away from everything on a remote island and me n the rest would laugh and rip him about it but... i can understand now he was just brain unlocked years before me

    sometimes i sit on my sofa just waiting for something to happen..... the end of the world....a planet crashing into ours....ufo landing that will be impossible to cover up.... just something rather than a cheeky little kid shouting PUSSY OLE in his bike, i want something intresting to happen.....

    anyone else think like this? i could go into space thoughts and that but i dont want to rant....

    so yeah what im saying is ... to sum up lol... does anyone feel like smoking weed for years has enabled them to think outside the general human behaviour?
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    Handson Active Member

    Yes we have a winner :)

    People are brainwashed, you are free to do as we tell you.

    Glad you are awake, it's a difficult experience to go through, I though I was going crazy LOL
    Killer Vanilla

    Killer Vanilla Well-Known Member

    so did i i use to lay up at night wantin to hit my head against a wall because i just didnt no the answers but im through now and i can accept it, just have to be carefull who you can actually explain it to because most people just cant get there brain into gear and think you've lost the plot :O

    Handson Active Member

    Killer Vanilla

    Killer Vanilla Well-Known Member

    yeah i've been following that topic i saw it last nite, theres so much shit going on that people dont even realise everything is hidden from the public i dont see why.... the people in power dont care about the health issues of mobile signal towers and so on even though its killing people and nothing is being done i just dont understand...

    NevaSmokedOut Well-Known Member

    weed helped me come to terms with certain things in life too. people are oppressed by the govt's word an laws, people are trading freedom for security an technology will (eventually) overthrow mankind, that is unless we stop making cell phones too small with apps i don't wanna pay for an make something useful like uh... i don't know iron man suits for people or something.

    smok33 Member

    exactly man!

    Handson Active Member

    I think some people on here don't even smoke weed, judging by their attitudes... Oppression happens on this website,

    Post things what makes them think and you're psychotic LOL

    MEANGREEN69 Well-Known Member

    nice thread man, i also saw your nightwatching/ telescope thread. im trying to get into that aswell...but yeah i KNOW weed helps open your mind. thats way they dont want us

    to have it. IMO...its like exercise for your brain..it helps to accelerate your confusion witch makes you USE your brain. just like..weight training and your muscles..

    oh yeah fuck those cell phones and that brainwashing TV of they'ers...look up "PYSOPS"....that stuffs every were, but no one seems to mind. it real sad.
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    Handson Active Member

    You're right, brilliant thread. :) +Rep

    Handson Active Member

    All a master plan

    one11 Active Member

    very good thread. marijuana helps 'unfilter' our minds. it's almost overwhelming. i call it becoming 'enlightened'. but while I was smoking by myself constantly, I would be able to see the complete truth in everything around me and beyond and it was so overwhelming I stopped everything i was doing and stared at nothingness and almost felt like my body was falling. took a long time to come to terms with everything. it's still hard coming to terms. trying to plow my own way through the world without a job or school. it's very hard because the society around us tells us the only way to succeed is to do what everyone else is doing. marijuana has separated me from the zombies i like to call them. life is harder when you live it like this. abudantly I like to call it. but it is true. and an ugly truth is better than a beautiful lie in my opinion. i know im rambling, but i like the topic. its intrigued me for a long time

    ill tell ya i've smoked a lot of pot by myself. as im sure most of yall have. but the thoughts that would enter my mind were like words coming to me through other minds. a part of me actually believes they are telepathic messages from whom i do not know. but i know the world will be cleansed. things will be difficult at first, but all things are difficult at first. destruction breathes creation. and the truth is all that is real. but truth does not come to all men. only to those that seek it. keep stimulating your minds people. by that i mean keep smoking weed! lol. but really keep this discussion going.

    DobermanGuy Well-Known Member

    weed enables paranoia in some. How stress free would your life be not thinking about stressful bs

    Handson Active Member

    Paranoia is created by the law, if you had no fear of being caught, you wouldn't be paranoid right?

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    The very first post is about brain washed people. You wanna see brainwashing? Check out the nutrient section of this forum. Lots of brainwashed people!!!!!!


    i think exact same way
    but more better lol

    [email protected]

    add me





    kIND OF true



    now i feel better

    there are other people experiance the same shit as me


    Where all the real people gone
    I notice to much
    i see and hear everything
    im 2 deep
    i aint even high right now

    Come take a walk with me everyone

    i will open ur eyes !


    Mr.KushMan Well-Known Member

    Its called neural pruning, something an active toker goes without. The excitement of the cannabinoid system allows the brain to believe all pieces of information are useful and doesn't self-kill or hide/retire un-useful neurons. It can lead to a schizophrenic state, but is more exhibited in a schizoid typal behavior. A realizing of the stupidity and contradiction within average life, an enlightenment as some would call it.

    As a philosopher would say, "To philosophize is to learn how to die."


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