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Weed on a plane..

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Chief of Reef, Jun 30, 2010.

    Chief of Reef

    Chief of Reef Member

    Nawh, I think I'm gonna take it.

    jarhead0811 Member

    grind it up and stuff it into some balloons then swallow them and shit them out when you get to your destination or keester them in your culo

    robside Active Member

    Put it in your ASS and you'll be fine, That is if your OK with puting things in your ASS, Ha Ha, Just dont do it!!! Its to risky dude.
    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    what about the new full body x rays that can detect what you have under your cloths? I saw something like that in the news...are they using them yet? I have always just put the shit right in my pocket in a nice air tight baggie so it dosent give off any smell. Just make SURE you dont have anything that will make the metal detector go off and you will be fine.. I had my sun glasses on top of my head and forgot one time and it made the detector go off and I got searched like shit when I couldn't figure out why the detector kept going off. I had the shit in my watch pocket and they patted right over it and sent me on my way... boy was I nervous! and lucky! It was some stinky on my way home from cali! Just dont make the same mistake as me and youll be fine. And dont bring any weight! bacause its harder to conceal. May be like around a half O and you should be okay. Good luck let us know how it goes!

    alexonfire Well-Known Member

    They may do that new x-ray if your going to the states but I just flew from canada to poland and I saw the x-rays but they never used them

    HookdOnChronics Well-Known Member

    I've flown with a res filled pipe, a little sac of weed AND a pocket knife (forgot it was in my backpack when I packed. And found it once I landed). They never saw or said anything to me the entire time. I flew from CO, to OH and then back from OH to CO WITH a res filled pipe, weed and a pocket knife. You just gotta be smarter than security!

    dyzel Active Member

    This is a brilliant idea too! All but the part where you chose Marlboro cigs!

    I could not fathom any way of detecting this, even in a full body scanner!
    You could just as well throw your box of weedy cigs into the tray along with your belt, watch, cellphone, etc, and all that will be seen thru the scanner would be a box full of cigs.

    There is no way, unless by physical examination of your cigarettes that anyone could distinguish the contents of those tubes! Cheers!

    I know you have traveled, so do let us know what you did, and how it worked out for you!

    If you are reading this from Montreal with no weed, SMILE! There is so much good stuff to buy within the city too!
    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    yea but its illegal to smuggle tobacco products across country because of taxes (at least in the states) I tried to take a carton of cigs of the plane a while back and they got confiscated but may be they wouldn't care if it was only a pack. I dunno

    Foreverstoned Well-Known Member

    What I did last time I had to fly out of state was I took what I planned on taking with me and let it water cure, then turned it into QWISOil. I then took that and added it to some high proof alcohol and mixed it up until it was completely dissolved. I only took an ounce of liquid with me, but it contained the equivalent of a half ounce of high grade cannabis so only a couple MLs was enough for me to medicate. I also let some of the alcohol evaporate and collected the oil to smoke as well since tinctures take a bit of time to work, and with my stomach problems I need to medicate as fast as humanly possible or else I am in extreme pain. The nice thing about this method is if you are nervous about doing it just by a tincture bottle and empty it out and replace it with your tincture. I used a lemon tincture bottle and added a few drops of lemon juice to give it a bit of a lemony smell to make it more convincing. No one will know what is really in it unless they actually test it some how.

    Edit: if you are wondering why I water cured, it was so that it would get rid of the aromatic terpenes, thus making it more difficult to detect (the terpenes are water soluble, but the cannabinoids are not).
    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    Damn, mission impossible sh*t. Thats like a month long secret op. You went all out huh? Next time tela port it to where your going! lol!!

    readytogrow Member

    seal it up real good in two bags then put it into another bag with coffe grounds then seal it up good again then hotglue gun it to bottom of your boxers my cousin brings about ten gramms on flight all the time one time he flew with some in his suitcase and didnt know it

    dnugs Member

    Keep it in your pocket, or buy a false bottom shaving cream can. xrays will just see metal and wont see through it. If you take a tooth paste tube cut a slit in the bottom shove the bagged weed in it, seal it back up with crazy glue, then roll the slit/sealed end up like its a used thing of tooth paste. anyone who checks it out unscrews the cap and tooth paste comes out. whats less sketchy that taking toothpaste in your checked baggage.
    Rocky Mountain High likes this.

    dnkfrmthasoilz7 Active Member

    look the truth is if you are subject to any airport situation there is no safe way, besides a way you would all be uncomfortable with. If you want to bring THC through there is no safer way than to bring ONLY hash. You can fit a vile of hash oil or a chunk of hash in a baggy nicely between your but cheeks and tape it. This will avoid any worrying at all, i have a friend that pays 2 guys to go down to Negril, Jamaica and buy a pound of sensi for 50$ american. So they would buy a couple pounds they had brought bubble bags and they made a bunch of hash. They dried it had some fun smoked pot swam than, here is the bummer part. They each stuck a terd sized chunk of grade A bubble hash in a baggy in a condom and than proceeded to ram it up there ass. The first security was in a small town so even if they did have scanners it would just look like a poo in your anal cavity anyway, all you have to do is get through that and you home free as you never leave the boarding zones the rest of your flight so than can take it out and go make your money back home

    TheRuiner Well-Known Member

    as much as I love weed, I don't ever see myself sticking anything up my ass for it... just sayin.

    wpf6915 Member

    I’m with you on that one! Hope your buddy your going to see knows some folks!

    I have no doubt that most these tricks will work most of the time, but only takes one time to ruin a trip.

    I travel a good bit, and quite often will see K-9's in the airports, and I dont know any method to beat them.

    Good luck, keep us posted!

    Foreverstoned Well-Known Member

    Haha if it were possible I would have trust me. I didn't want to take any chances so I did everything I could to make sure it would not arouse suspicion. I can't be with out my medication, and I was not going to risk trying to find any in Vegas.

    aug181983 Active Member

    Everytime me and the wife goto Jamaica she brings so bud back. She use's a Tampon tube usually we can shove about 3grams into it. Then she shoves it up her pussy LOL But I think the best way for a man is to tape it to your leg but be sure to shave the area were the tape is otherwise it'll be painful

    aug181983 Active Member

    Wow , I would never do that ever fuck that , not worth it to me unless I was going to make some really good $ off it .

    AndreaAmati Member

    It better be some good shit to risk getting busted at a airport because you would be fucked

    blaznb Active Member

    Well seing as how it's happened to me, yes they do just randomly strip search people.


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