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weak stems?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by jbblunts, Feb 21, 2009.


    jbblunts Active Member

    I have some seedlings that have fallen over after they reached about four inches tall they seem to still be growing after they fell, I need some advice as to why this happened please

    Bonghitter420 Well-Known Member

    probably stretched a lot and got to heavy for its own weight and plopped over. u can bury them up until almost the leaves are on the soil.

    jbblunts Active Member

    thanks, does this happen alot? how can this be avoided? I am actually use a cheap hydro system for growing herb gardens. no soil just need them to get big enough to clone them using rockwool .

    Bonghitter420 Well-Known Member

    well i don't know anything about hydro as i grow in soil:-? ive never had a problem with my seedlings falling over so i also don't know a whole lot about it.

    sorry, i guess im not gonna be of much help.

    good luck on growing and someone should be around shortly to help u out man


    strey Active Member

    do u havea fan on them?

    jbblunts Active Member

    I just put one on them blowing gently I started rteading other posts and replies I also propped them up so hopefully with the fan they should start to strenthen am i correct?

    jbblunts Active Member

    how long should it take for them to get strong? I am thinking as soon as they get stronger to transplant them into some soil, this is my first grow with seeds i got out of a bag. also how can i post a picture of my setup?

    DRGreyMind Well-Known Member

    just put them on a training pole, thats what i would if it happened to me :)

    strey Active Member

    yes but to much to long might for stress them..( like to strong direct of wind)(marijuana hasusuallt has sum shelter from the wind in outdoors.) to much to fast might beat her up to much... all u need at that height and stage is just enough to make the leaves wiggle works pretty good once she get a s lil stronger she will be able hold her own to take a stronger wind but usualy just enough to keep the air moving around the plant (mold heat stretghten ) proly won't be more than a day or 2 and she will have stiffened up :D

    well hope this helps ya


    dinkydigger Well-Known Member

    well it sounds like they are stretching.....move your lights closer
    SC Blazer

    SC Blazer Active Member

    I would agree that is sounds like they are stretching/lights are too far away. And i was thinking since its hydro and you cant bury them deeper.. slice a plastic straw down the side to wrap around the stem to prop her up until she can stand by herself.

    jbblunts Active Member

    thanks to all who posted a reply my plants are doing very well due to all the help I recieved
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    It is better to stake them by attaching something tightly to the stake but loosely, like as in a small loop where the plants can move around some inside of it, and then have a fan blowing on them on low speed.

    Trees, bushes and plants grow thicker trunks and stems due to the amount of wind they encounter. Lateral motion/movement stimulates trunk/stem growth so they grow strong enough to withstand the pressures/stresses they will be under.

    Putting a straw around stems will not allow for much if any movement so the stems will not grow as thick and as strong as they otherwise could or would if allowed to move.

    Creating the thickest stems, and branches, possible will make plants less likely to later break under the weight of their branches and leaves and buds as the overall weight increases and cuts out the need to stake them later or at least cuts it down so not nearly as much staking and tying is needed.

    Kriegs Well-Known Member

    What light are you using? It's probably time to get them closer. This floppy thing is not a big deal -- you can brace them up by stacking up soil next to them. I've also fixed this by propping them up with a piece of cardboard with a notch cut into it. Once you get your light closer and they mature a little bit, they'll get stiffer. Better to flop at first, than it is to burn them.. so all's good.

    Kriegs Well-Known Member

    Oh and yes... a breeze is good, but go very very easy on that until they get another week or so behind them. Position the height and direction of the fan so that it just barely tickles them -- that's all that's needed. Wind pulls water from the plant, and seedlings are extra sensitive to this.

    Kriegs Well-Known Member

    Go down to the Reply area and hit "Go Advanced". Under "Manage Attachments", you can post a URL if you're using photobucket, picasa, etc; or you can navigate to where they're stored on your PC. Bucha other options in there, too.

    wyattsroom Member

    Is Miracle Grow Potting Soil adequate for growing marijuana?

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