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Weak stem...plant falling over and my seedling in dome looks stretchyyy ? Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by cityfisher, Sep 9, 2011.


    cityfisher Member

    Hi all,

    Well let me say .. my first grow and it aint easy..started with 6 seeds...4 grew. 1 died last week.
    Now i have 2 left
    one is healthy and one is half the size and has a very week stem.. seems like its twisting at the bottem.. I have had a fan on it the whole time.. Any way to remedy it? or should i just stake it and leave her be?

    Also I started one more seedling in a new dome i bought, The stem is soooo long ! its sitting by a window sil in a dome... Is it ok ? should i put it in soil and throw it under a light or wait until the leaves get bigger? plant 002.jpg plant 001.jpg

    jackoladd Active Member

    pack some soil at the base of it ,i had the same problem but its fine now ,leave the fan off unless you have a heat/air circulation problem. either stake it up or tie it up. i never used a fan my entire grow and yeah my stems are pretty skinny but as long as nothing disturbs them they are fine. For the seedling u definitely want to get it under a light and keep the light as close as possible but without being too hot.
    BTW sorry if this doesnt make sense im reaaaaaaaaaal high right now :bigjoint:
    cannabis love

    cannabis love Well-Known Member

    What are you using for lighting? You can replant the leggy seedling up to the cotyledons.

    cityfisher Member

    CFL for my mature plants and I had the seedling dome next to a south facing window.

    Should i wait until the bigger leaves show or throw it under a light now ? so i can pack soil all the way up the leggy seedling, good to know !

    Knowurhyphae Member

    repot and plant up to the cotyledons then only water around the edge of the pot for a few waterings as to not get the stem under the new soil soaked. you will get new roots up to the soil mark.

    cityfisher Member

    Thanks! ill try that

    Destillat Active Member

    your seedling needs light pretty badly. As above posters mentioned, just replant that stem. If you continue to use an oscillating fan on your plants (and I believe you should) your plant will probably harden pretty well by week 6. Otherwise be prepared to stake your plant in flower because it won't have the strength to hold itself up.

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