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    started my first grow a few weeks ago i started the seedlings in those bark starter plugs, i was only able to transplant them into 3 gal pots, also had to move them to the tent with the 400mh, they are currently doing ok, i was wondering do you soak the entire pot when watering? and the wait till it drys out and does that bark plug dry out like the soil? also i use the drops in the vial to test for the ph, i only have to compare to the picture on the side of the box, is this very accurate? also i bought the ph and moisture testers called rapid leaf and they are crap, thanks everybody

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    I use 3 gal smart pots and water 1/2 gallon every 4 days. And the ph tester with the colors on the side of the bottle are accurate enough for growing good bud.

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    Sup folks. First post :)

    Get ready for my noobness lol. I've got four cheese in under a 600 dual spectrum, using a 1.2x1.2x2, with a 4' ext. and CF. I've put them (clones) in 15 litre pots of the bat.

    What I'd like is info on watering. At this juncture they're 2-3' tall. I've looked around various forums but haven't found any info for starting in bigger pots. I know of people that have done exactly this, just no clue on watering and how often.

    A friend told me after I've fed them the bucket of water I have standing, start and give them a quarter cap of AnB morning and night, in each of the two cans he recommended giving between the four. FYI the can is approx 1ltr.

    I would be grateful of a second, third or fourth opinion so I can maybe find a happy medium somewhere in between.

    Thanks Cas

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    Sorry, disregard the post above.

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