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Water Cooling CXA 3070

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by QuinndianaJones, Apr 20, 2017.


    QuinndianaJones Member

    So I got my first tube up and running. I did some temp tests with my multimeter and I got some alarming readings. My temp at the surface of the LED was pushing 340F but the Tc measured on the point Cree suggests was about 110F, is this normal? If I'm understanding this correctly then I'm fine as far as temp. But the surface temp of the cobs is kinda worrisome.

    QuinndianaJones Member

    Side note, how in the nine hells do you guys look at these things?!? I have two pairs of sunglasses on and I can barely look near these things!
    14931029829042108543836.jpg 2.jpg

    shannonball Well-Known Member

    there's a company that makes liquid cooled LEDs. Thermal Solutions. they offer the GSTS 1000. saw it in boston at the NE Cannabis trade show.

    QuinndianaJones Member

    So, it turns out that grommets as a means of sealing suspended plumbing sucks. So I decided to use what I'm comfortable with and made this instead. 20170430_024119.jpg
    I sealed all the joints with primer and cpvc cement, except for the intake and outtake barbs which I used a thread sealer on. 20170430_024132.jpg 20170430_024151.jpg
    Of course to my knowledge nobody makes square to round pvc pipe. So I used my handy heat gun to get the ends of some pipe malleable and pushed them onto the ends of my aluminum pipe and then let them cool. I then removed the cooled pieces from the end of my aluminum, this was a huge pain in the ass I recommend lubing the ends of the pipe prior to this step, roughed up the inside of the pvc and the outside of the aluminum and joined them with Loctite Marine Epoxy and let them cure for 36 hours just to be safe. 20170430_024226_HDR.jpg
    I just finished the water test and there are no leaks so far and water flow is very impressive. If by tomorrow morning there is still no leakage I'll finish my wiring, make a mounting board for my power supplies, and get some pictures of this thing up and running. I'll then probably put together a organized parts list and figure out what this all would've cost me if I didn't have half of it lying around.

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    QuinndianaJones Member

    I've been lazy and haven't gotten things wired yet but I did this.

    Parts List

    - 10' of 1" PVC pipe from Lowe's $4
    - 8x 1" PVC slip on T joints from Lowe's $16
    - 1x 1" PVC slip on cross joint from Lowe's $3
    - 10x 1" PVC slip on 90° elbow joint from Lowe's $20
    -4x 1" PVC slip on to 3/4" thread adapter from Lowe's $8
    -4x 3/4" threaded barbs from Lowe's $8
    - 10' water heater hose from Lowe's $15
    - 4x screw on clamps for hose from Lowe's $8
    - 1x PVC primer cement combo pack from Lowe's $7
    - 1x professional thread sealer from Lowe's $6
    -20' 1" square aluminum tubing 1/8" wall thickness cut into 5' lengths from local metal warehouse $45
    -1x heat gun from I have no idea where <$35
    - sand paper of various grits and 0000 steel wool for lapping/polishing <$20
    - 4x Meanwell HLG 240H-C1400a from Arrow electronics $300 with shipping
    -20x CXA3070....AB30F from Arrow electronics $700
    -1x 33w 700gph submersible pump from local hydro store $70
    - 100' 18awg stranded lamp wire from Lowe's $25
    -1x soldering gun, I borrowed mine but they're available from $30 up at most hardware stores
    -1x roll of solder from Lowe's $6

    Total cost: $1326 approx.
    Total cost per watt $1.33

    QuinndianaJones Member

    Hey all, so the light had been in use for around six months now and it's doing great! If my eyes don't deceive me I'm in for a record harvest, for me at least. They're definitely looking extra frosty as well.

    All joints and seals are in good shape, my recirculation pump got clogged once and the temp rose which has caused a slight bowing in the pvc. This was kind of expected as I haven't set up a good hanging solution yet. All things considered this experiment had been a success.

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