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Water consumption of plants vs. container size. Q's

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by oneeye15, Mar 23, 2013.


    oneeye15 Member

    I'am looking for personal experience & knowledge with:
    *How often/how much you watered?
    *type of pot and watering system used? (By hand, AI robot that waters plants and doubles as your lover, rain, ect)

    *Primarily looking to see how much water 100-300 gallon smartpot/airpot will consume daily in a outdoor grow, in a green house, in USDA zone 5 or northeast usa.

    THANKS! :mrgreen:

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    depending on where you live, anywhere from a shitload to not a whole lot.

    oneeye15 Member

    fixed q's.

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    zone 5 is a pretty moderate to cool one it seems. so i'm thinking you could get away with watering by hand as needed. might not even be a daily chore in a 100-300 gallon smartpot.

    hydrosoil78 Active Member

    if you have a hose thats hooked up nearby that is nice. I have started unscrewing the hose and pouring sone fish emulsion or dyna gro in it when I am watering or flooding my greenhouse. the simple answer is water for 15 mins- 45, 2 or 3 times a week. a drip system can be set up with a hose but always needs to be checked and re checked. with the big pots and big plants I might water for an hour even twice a day on hot days. the plants survive everywhere with nobody taking care of them so you dont really have to water it at all outdoors in that case.

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