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wat to make with the keef in my grinder?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Senor SmokeAlot, Jul 12, 2008.

    Senor SmokeAlot

    Senor SmokeAlot Well-Known Member

    ok so i've never cooked with weed. i've had some brownies but it was from a friend. i have a nice amount of keef in my grinder and i think its time to put it to use. so wat do i do with it,lol? should i compress it or just "sprinkle" on/in some food?

    this might sound stupid but... you know those cakes and brownies microwavable? u just like add water and mix it up,put it in the microwave and u got an okay tasting brownie. can i just put my keef in that?would it be worth it? just wanna know an easy way of making something to eat haha thanks in advance

    1bakedgirl Active Member

    I would suggest fudge :-) It's delicious.

    if you need any tips, let me know!

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    1bakedgirl Active Member

    also, i'm pretty sure anything baked in the microwave is not the best way... definitely not too tasty (trust me, i've tried baking everything every way possible! haha)
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    Senor SmokeAlot

    Senor SmokeAlot Well-Known Member

    hey 1bakedgirl can u gimme some tips,or got a link to something.

    i just read a thread of making pills which sounds pretty cool. still dont know wat im going to do with the kief. i mihgt just end up sprinkling it in a blunt or something,but damn i wanna cook something....
    oh and when u do cook with mary,does it smell? like will the kitchen or house stink of weed?

    Hydrotech364 Gen Mod

    I saw a movie on making hash with the keef did it a couple of times.Ya have to put in a sealed sulofane and wrap it in a paper towel.then wet it and roll it with a rolling pin.then you put it in the oven at 150f rinse repeat.let it cool cut the baggie open then you have a killer little block of hash.You can repeat the process a bunch of times the more the better.
    It was like the old lebanese blonde hash that used to be everywhere.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2008

    1bakedgirl Active Member

    what kind of recipes are you looking for? the best way to get started it to make butter or oil with your clippings or keef first. your kitchen will stink a little bit, but it's really not too bad. (then again, i'm pretty sure my kitchen always smells like it, so i may just be used to it!!)
    Senor SmokeAlot

    Senor SmokeAlot Well-Known Member

    Ummmmm im not sure. wats something quick and easy to make? if i do make the butter i guess i can use it on/with alot of things right?

    1bakedgirl Active Member

    Exactly! Then, the easiest, quickest things you can make are just with mixes. And it's so much better than having to worry about getting all the ingredients. Try melting some butter just in the microwave if you want. I use a crockpot for large quantities. Depending on how potent you want to make it, go from there. But with keef, you shouldn't need too much per tablespoon of butter.

    tommyfergie1 Well-Known Member

    them mixes you get .. you know the just add water, butter and shit ... i added like the most highly concetrated cannabutter and omg ... lets just say tescos help me got stoned for a few days :D

    WhoYourWeedMan Well-Known Member

    Gonna have 2 try some of this soon.

    jmopar00 Active Member

    cooking in th emicrowave kills the THC.. i would suggest cannabutter btw.

    Njsurf14 Well-Known Member


    I tryed that on a ski trip and all i got was wet weed and a sore stomach

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