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Washing Machine Do It Yourself Resin Separator Everything you need to know

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by marijuananation, Oct 19, 2010.


    seasmoke Active Member

    that sounds great!! i'm sure i'll make some mistakes, BUT, you can't put a pricetag on knowledge...i'll be back.

    seasmoke Active Member

    I have some plant material that is dust dry. Is it still usable?
    Michael Sparks

    Michael Sparks Active Member

    if there are crystals on it then yes! has it been kept well ?

    dlively11 Well-Known Member

    Well I finally got around to trying this and have had some very dissapointing results so far :cry: No sure exactly what went wrong. I have a resinator machine I have used for years and it always worked very well so I am not a newb to this type of method.

    I used 5 5 gallon buckets. I filled the machine with water and 40 lbs of ice. I used 2-400 micron bags and 2-200 micron bags for a total of 4 bags. I put about 3 lbs of material in them total. Good shake too not junk. Let the water get very very cold before adding the material. Set it to a gentle cycle. Would run for only about 2 min and then go to a wpin cycle where I would right away put it back to gentle cycle. I probably got a total of maybe 6 min agitating where my mini machine has a timer for 15 min. Not sure if the short time was the issue or if it was maybe the cycle :-? or something else.

    I started by pouring into a 120 micron mag to get the junk out I dont want. Then went to my normal 43 and then 25 micron bag. I tried my 73 but didnt seem needed in this process. I then ran it a second round with fresh water and about 20 lbs more of ice. I normally run it 3 times but after the first two went so poorly I called it a day after 2.5 hours and a sore back. Went through all the normal steps but just ended up with a very very low yield. :cry: I ended up with a total of 17 grams not even dried yet :shock: Probably end up around 10 grams dry. My little machine I usually get atleast 10% - 15% with 3 runs and 75% of the weight coming from the first two runs. So I should have gotten a bare min of 100 grams from this.

    Any help or ideas would really be appreciated.


    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i don't think you mixed it long enough. i do three 18 min cycles.

    dlively11 Well-Known Member

    Thats what I was leaning towards. Do you use a gentle cycle or regular ? For some reason the gentle cycles I tried only aggitated it for about 2 min before it wanted to spin cycle and I kept resetting it. I'd say I ran it for 6 min max . Man was a lot of work for my back :cry: Will be worth it for a 10% resturn without a doubt. I got less then 1% lol

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i think i used the "heavy duty" cycle.

    dlively11 Well-Known Member

    Okay well I had a lot more success today thank god :clap: Put the machine on heavy duty and ran it for 15 minutes another two runs (didnt have enough ice for a third) Ran through a 160 screen for waste then through a 70 and 40 screen. Ended up with a huge 150 gram baseball sized rock just hand sqeezed with screen. Broke it up and pressed the rest and had 125 grams. I think it will end up aroun 90-100 grams. Plus the 10 grams dry I got from the crappy fist run. I can live with getting a quarter pound of hash from 2 hours of work :weed: I will post of a picture later when I get a chance. Quality looks pretty darn good too.


    stonestone Active Member

    thanks for the great thread guys!(+awesome video) I can't wait to get started!

    in fact im so impatient im thinking of how i can avoid waiting a week for thos 220 micron Ziprcro filter bags..

    $60 each seems a lil ridiculous. is there any reason i cant make these myself?

    i know i can buy 220 (or very close) micron silk screen from an art supply store.
    if they don't have 220 i figure id go with the next lower number?

    are thos zipcro filter bags double layered? either way it seems pretty doable.. and instead of a zipper you could just wrap the screen around the trim and tie it off...

    anyone foresee any problems with this? thanks:bigjoint:

    stonestone Active Member

    are thos zipper filter bags double layered or single?

    Dankenfest Member

    Novice? I got to "parts" and had an aneurysm...

    doublejj Well-Known Member


    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    why 5? :?

    doublejj Well-Known Member

    After I first read your thread, the best deal i could find were these 100% mesh 5 gal bubble bags on craigslist. They fit nicely inside a 5gl bucket. I drilled a lot of holes in the bottom & sides of the bucket & drains pretty fast. You can run it thru all the bags at once.



    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    why 5 bags? :?

    where did you get those bags?

    doublejj Well-Known Member

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    marijuananation Well-Known Member

    Here are the newest videos.
    Update of my indoor + Episode #3 - seedling update !! Peace and Happy Growing !!

    I hope you all enjoy them !!

    Peace and Happy Growing !!




    marijuananation Well-Known Member


    amitgoheritage Member

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    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Don't think this is true.

    First of all, THC testing is typically done one the best of the best material from a plant, ie hand-manicured top buds with no stem or leaf. A plant with "15%" THC isn't actually 15% THC by weight. . .just the manicured top buds are. That's OK, but most people aren't making their hash purely out of tip-top quality buds like that. Instead they're making it from leaf trim and/or low potency/low weight "popcorn" buds. Depending on how much leaf and stem is in there your "15%" THC plant may really only be 5-10% THC by weight.

    Next, water hash is basically just broken-off and concentrated trichrome heads.

    Because you're not breaking off every trichrome head, and some of the are fragmented and pass though your screens, you're simply not going to capture every possible trichrome in your hash. So even if your plant material had 15 grams of trichromes in it, you're not going end up with all 15 grams in your hash. Making hash from trichrome heads also doesn't capture any cannabinoids NOT in the heads (ie in the stalk of the trichrome or in the plant leaves) and that's also a potential source of some loss as compared to bud testing.

    Lastly, each trichrome isn't pure THC either. The best of the best full melt has might be as high as 60% THC when fresh, but most hash is going to be significantly less.

    A more realistic target is that you can expect to return about 10% of the weight of your trim as hash, which itself may be 20-60% THC. Exact numbers are going to depend on the quality of the materials you're starting with, as well as the efficiency of your extraction.

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