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Want to Build a 6 Plant Aeroponic System with 5 Gallon Buckets Any Info!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by 420today, May 12, 2011.


    420today Well-Known Member

    Hey all I want to build a 6 PLANT AEROPONIC system with 5 gallon buckets is there a how too anywhere? I have been looking but no luck Thanks!

    BendBrewer Well-Known Member

    I have built a couple. Not all that difficult. I suggest having a reservoir as well.

    Here's the one I use in veg. 8 buckets to give you an idea.

    Veg Buckets.jpg

    wavey.mofo Active Member

    How much did yhat setup cost you? and would that be able to fit in a 1.2x1.2m tent?

    BendBrewer Well-Known Member

    (That is a 4 foot wide room. You would be close but not close enough I am afraid in that tent. 6 buckets should fit no problem.)

    Not that much. Buckets are 2 bucks per, the res was 8 bucks. The costs are in the water and air pumps. I have those linked in 2 series and the circulation is just top feed and gravity back to the res. I run a 250ish GPH pump to the feeders and I have a 60 GPH pump in the res. that just recirculates back into the res. solution. I plan on adding another 60 pump to the res. and run one to each of the far buckets to increase the recirculation.

    Each bucket has 1 air stone and the res. has 2 stones.

    Here is my Flower room. Same concept, larger res. with added fresh water tank on top to top off as the plants drink. This is set up in parallel but I think I am going to switch that next round.

    Flower Chamber Res.jpg
    And what the heck, here is what it looks like now.


    420today Well-Known Member


    BendBrewer Well-Known Member

    Yeah thar is pretty much it. Away from computer till the morning. On the phone now.

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