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Wanna Speed Up grow Time?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Celticman, Feb 18, 2007.


    Celticman Well-Known Member

    Courtesy Of SKUNK Magazine (Stinkin' it to the man)

    1)Choose your strain wisely. You need a fast flowering variety from seed on its own, or together with one that delivers cuttings quick if you're looking to set up a grow with clones. The safest bet is indica hybrids, because they tend to have shorter life cycles and grow more compact and stout, which makes them interesting as mother plants, too. Another factor to look out for is bud quality, potency, and the high. Unless you are a hardcore commercial grower, you'll be interested in the scope and feel of it's mind altering effects, as well as the aroma and hash potential of the buds. Some quick flowering strains offer more in that regard than others. There's no point in rushing your grow if you can't sit back and enjoy the sweet fruits of success.

    2) A feminized strain can save time if you're planning on taking cuttings. On the other hand, if you make a mistake in plant care, or purchase low quality seeds, you could end up wasting your time on hermies and males. So this is more of an option for experienced growers and those who already know the strain well.

    3)The light cycle is the master key to controlling flowering times. Theoretically, you can initiate the 12/12 cycle at the seedling stage. Some growers actually grow that way (a strong light source is necessary to minimize loss in yield) and are satisfied with the results, but the plants are very short. Certainly the amount of buds you harvest is reduced, but the quality can be difficult to distinquish from a regular grow. Cuttings should be put into flowering directly after rooting. zthis is more common with sativa strains but can be tried out on all strains. Again, yeild could be less and plant care more extensive (keep nutes low since the plants are smaller). Normally, for quiker finishing times, start the 12/12 light cycle when plants reach approximately 6" in soil.

    4) Hydroponic systems tend to reduce flowering times but only if you have the right nutrient balance in your feeding schedule. Remember: it's not the amount of phospate you give the plants that stimulates flowering but the ratio between nitrogen and phosphate. Nitrogen stimulates vegetative groth so keep N levels to a minimum and raise the P to the maximum.

    5) keep your garden healthy and don't stress the plants unnecessarily. There are a number of silly things you should keep your fingers from doing if you want your plants to perform at top level. Removing main shoots, overfeeding, not checking the pH levels of your water, and using poor soil mixes belong to a long list of restricting factors that inhibit plant growth. Every time you mess up, it robs your plants of energy, and then they need time to recover and get back on track. Stressed plants can suddenly come to an abrupt halt in flowering (typical of overfeeding), but that doesn't mean you can celebrate a successful grow. Poor yeilds, mold, or bad tasting herb may be part of the result.

    6) CO2 enriched gardens can be put into flowering much faster than normal and have higher yeilds under the same conditions as regular grow spaces, therefore, CO2 assists in reducing overall grow time and enhances production.

    7) High lumens per square foot is going to give your plants maximun energy in order to get the job done on time. Low-wattage grows (250 watts and below) can retard the entire grow and flowering process, and stretch those harvest dates.

    8)8- Do "bud boosters" work? Well, mostly they're based on high amounts of phosphate-no mystery really. A lot of growers mistake the plants' reation to overfeeding with a fast flowering response. When your substrate is drenched with salts the pistils turn brown and quickly die. It'ss look like the plant has been "motivated" to reach harvest time faster, but in reality it's just stopping bud production due to the high salinity and you're smoking more chemicals in your herb.

    Hope this helps,
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    bigballin007 New Member

    Nice post man!

    Celticman Well-Known Member

    Here are some recommended fast finishing strains and the companies that produce them-Courtesy Of SKUNK Magazine (Stinkin' it to the man)


    Nirvana (company)
    Northen Light x Big bud
    Aurora Indica

    Spice of Life (company)
    Sweet Tooth #3
    Legends Ultimate Indica

    Sagarmatha Seeds (company)
    Matanuska Tundra
    Pole Cat

    Homegrown (company)
    Skunk Red Hair
    Top 44

    Paradise Seeds (company)
    Dutch Dragon
    Sensi Star
    Durga Mata

    T.H.Seeds (company)
    Chocolate Chunk

    Joint Doctor (company)

    Mandala Seeds (company)
    Speed Queen
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    Token Well-Known Member

    cool post:peace:

    byinternational Active Member

    wow, cool post, i like it.

    blackout Well-Known Member

    i was going to try no bloom boosters this time as last grow was my first try,and did not like ,i could see no difference in size really,and if no need why use,but i love co.2 nice post my man.

    Crdbrdnrollersk8 Active Member

    all really nice stuff dude,very nice, thanks!

    Shadyguy420 Active Member

    Automatic AK seeds, the're auto flowering. That means the entire plant life is only 70 days, no changing of the light is needed to start flowering. Check them out at the attitude seed bank, all female plants too :joint:(-:

    Just type the attitude seed bank into google ad you will find the site, then search for automatic seeds :peace:
    oh really???

    oh really??? Well-Known Member

    rep for you just cuz you took the time

    ZEN MASTER Well-Known Member

    hey man nice post. that was just what i was looking for as far as flowering times. now i just need to look for some with a low odor. but xcellent info though. i cant lie for about the first three minutes i could not get past the first few lines because i could not take my eyes off your avatar.
    real nice btw!


    covertgrow Well-Known Member

    great post!
    thanks for the info,

    BeenBurned Active Member

    Celticman...THAT is a kickass avatar
    Cato Zen

    Cato Zen Active Member

    thanx CelticMan. No magic just good soli examples of constant growing techniques. When do you recommend going from veg to flower? Under what conditions. Got 400W veg MH. Hi spectrum content. Flower is 600W HPS. am using natural organics nutes, until i figure whats right from wrong.

    DWR Well-Known Member

    checking some strains out thnx..

    OnlineSimRacer Active Member

    Had to forget the bud for a small amount of time due to those bouncing jugs...Perfect distraction...lol
    Cap K

    Cap K Well-Known Member

    Word up Celtic-man! Learn something new every day! Well put together post my dude!
    Mr iNzane

    Mr iNzane Member

    OK check this out. I'm interested in started a grow operation. The strains I have at this time would be Chocolate Chunk, Skunk & Northern Light x Haze. I was originally going to start off by setting up a hydroponics system but I recently decided I'm going to go natural instead. As far as considering soil and giving each plant equal treatment. I'm starting off with Choc first and the light I'm interested in investing in is the grow panel pro. All the research I've done on reviews for grow lights don't seem to carry through with LED lights... which has me thinking, am I to expect negative results sticking through with LED??

    Also I'm seeking advice to help speed up grow time without sacrificing my yield.

    Thanks everyone


    needmorechronic Member

    Yeh nice tits i meen post, lol dude it is very hard to read anything by you with those big tits bounceing around.

    Ractagon Member

    Excellent post very informative.
    Bonzi Lighthouse

    Bonzi Lighthouse Well-Known Member

    I'll Bump this as well.... I found it informative.

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