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Walmart Neem oil

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by S7M, Jun 10, 2012.


    S7M Active Member

    I had some bugs munching on the leaves of my ladies and picked up a bottle of neem oil at walmart. Has anyone ever used it before?

    torxxx Active Member

    its walmart mate...... its all cheap shit there. I would buy it from someone with a reputation for selling higher quality products.. Gotta remember, walmart is cheap because alot of the stuff they sell is factory seconds..

    S7M Active Member

    It wasn't all that cheap. $12.97

    Saw other things at lows that were cheaper but I donno

    lahadaextranjera Well-Known Member

    Any Neem is better than nothing but I think the best one is the Cold Pressed type. I only ever make a 1.5 L bottle mix at a time, I discard after a few days.

    Make sure u shake ur spray as ur spraying !!

    S7M Active Member

    This neem oil came in a ready to spray solution, the % of neem oil in the solution is only a few percent. It does give the leaves a nice sheen lol

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