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Walmart grow lights?

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Ramen Shaman, Dec 1, 2008.

    Ramen Shaman

    Ramen Shaman Well-Known Member

    So, my buddy and I walk into walmart the other week. We wander around and come across this aisle of 'grow lights;' $10 fluorescent tube lights with outlet plugs. He said we should use those for our first grow. I disagreed, said they didn't have enough wattage to even be worth while. Do you guys agree or disagree? I'd love to hear from someone who has had positive results with these lights! I also wouldn't mind hearing from someone who's had horrible, negative results, either.

    I'm considering buying two and just putting them on the floor. They don't get very hot at all, and they can provide a little bit of light to the lower leaves.
    Stoney McFried

    Stoney McFried Well-Known Member

    I have some.They're ok for little sprouts, and for supplemental lighting.If you tried to grow with them exclusively, you'd probably need a lot or you'd get stretchy plants.

    snyder007 Well-Known Member

    As stoney has stated they are great for sprouts and supplemental lighting. If you check out my grow you can see them in action. 7800K @ about 17w each. Good news is they are super cool to the touch and you run absolutely no risk of burning the plant if your plant touches it.

    TheKindestOfBuds Active Member

    haha awesome story man. look around that spot and find the 10$ 2x 4' fluoro "shoplight", then get 2 6500k tubes for 10$ more, maybe double that (i just did for a huge SOG im starting). great great great value for vegging, easy-lowheat-cheappower. id do it. grounded timers are on the same aisle. i am in between harvests on the same grow right now- check em out if you like- CFL power


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