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Wal Mart Nutrients..

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Eddie G., May 26, 2009.

    Eddie G.

    Eddie G. Well-Known Member

    hey was good everyone.. im growing 2 white widow max plants, 1 afghan x mazar, and 2 unknown bag seed plants.. my babys are about 2 weeks old and are looking beautiful... i was just wondering if its a good time to start using nutrients on my plants.. oh by the way im using BIOBIZZ ALL-MIX soil... i want to know wat kind of nutrients you guys recomend... i heard the fox farm trio pack is good... but is there any other suggestions??? i want some simple nutrients that will be good for the whole grow... what do u guys recomend??? maybe something i can get from wal mart?? if not please let me know wat you suggest... :peace:

    Mysticlown150 Well-Known Member

    I'd start giving nutes next week. Good luck on the grow.
    Eddie G.

    Eddie G. Well-Known Member

    hey thanks bro, yeah i didnt want to start giving them nutes 2 early cause i heard that thats when they are the most vulnarable of being overnuted.. but yeah man thats wat i was planning on doing.. im going to start nuting them next week, now what i have to do is pick out some nutes... does anyone have any suggestions about wat nutes to pick up???
    stay high!! :joint:

    bingo22 Member

    ey bro.. if i were you, when you do start you nutes use water soluable and start out with only lik 1/8 to 1/4 streangth to get 'em use to the "added" nutrition.. good luck bro

    Boneman Well-Known Member

    What you need to do is go online and search around for nutes...whether its Advanced Nutrients, Fox Farms, GH or whatever but wal mart nutes are not made for growing hootch. I'm not saying they wont work but are just not aimed at what you are growing.
    My other bit of advice is to leave your plants alone. If they look wonderful then obviously everything is in order and leave them alone. You can plan to start nutes, but to say "start next week" is the begining of your problems. Just spend time with your plants, watch them, know them and they will let you know when they need something. Same thing with watering....they will start to get droopy when they are thirsty. You've got time right now and look for a line of proper nutes that also fits into your budget. Give BMO (ebay store) a look. You can get their entire line for about 25 bucks.

    Hope this helps
    :joint: ~Boneman
    Eddie G.

    Eddie G. Well-Known Member

    yeah bro u got a point.. if my plants are doing great then nutes arent necessary... but i heard that nutes gives them a boost... im going to check out BMO on ebay... any more advice bro??

    LiEBE420 Well-Known Member

    i would never shop at walmart yet alone buy my plants nutes at walmart.

    LiEBE420 Well-Known Member


    leetsoup Well-Known Member

    Your (probably) gonna be smokin that shiet yo, get a tailored nutrient or else you'll be left with a wacky smoke regardless of a good flush. Back in the day I used those shultz powders that YOUR MOM USES.. YUCK! A simple rule of thumb is that your better off under nuting then over nuting. It's a weed, it'll grow in the crack of your mothers a.. you know. it'll grow almost anywhere, don't pump it with your run-of-the-mill miracle grow or all purpose fertz cause it just don't need them. If you chose to remember one thing from these forums, it should be that..

    LiEBE420 Well-Known Member

    you said it better than me my friend :peace:

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    I use their house brand 20-20-20 and 15-30-15. it only comes in 3 lb tubs though.

    kremnon Well-Known Member

    for the best tasting flowers u should go with organic nutes. at this stage u can start with some Alaska fish [email protected] the recommended strenth. u shoul also feed them a week soulution of bloom fert. to stimulate a good root ball. i use fox farm big bloom, it leave a nice shhen on the leaves too.

    also if u don't mind working with guano u can usually find some a local nursery, just spread int the top layer of soil. u can also piss in a gallon of water and feed u girls at thier ususal intervals. the amonia in ur urine turns to nitrogen upon contact with the carbon in the soil.


    leetsoup Well-Known Member

    hahaha I wouldn't wanna roll up a dub spliffed in piss.. mind you I wouldn't roll up a fat bat turd either! Thank goodness for manufactured organics cause I'm happier not knowing how the ammonium molybdate or potassium phosphate contributed to the composition of my nutrient lol

    notoriousb Well-Known Member

    I'd check the Blue Mountain Organics line on eBay. I purchased the whole line plus shipping all for $35! don't let the price fool you tho cuz BMO is thee shit! the Super Plant Tonic is great when you transplant because it's a root inocculant and I've only use the Veg fert it comes with but my girls are loving it. they've really blown up and filled out nicely since I've used it. you should apply the old saying- "don't judge a book by its cover" with BMO. they don't have the fancy images on their bottles but all good stuff's still inside :bigjoint:

    keep it organic
    Eddie G.

    Eddie G. Well-Known Member

    so BMO is getting alot of good reviews i see.. and ill take ur word for it bro.. 35$ for the whole line??? i think im going for it... can u send me the link u got ur kit from??
    Eddie G.

    Eddie G. Well-Known Member

    anyone got a link???

    brick20 Well-Known Member

    Good post, i learned

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