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vitamin c

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Daniel Sunderland, Feb 16, 2011.

    Daniel Sunderland

    Daniel Sunderland Member

    hey peeps i was woundering is it okay to feed my plants vitamin c? like straight from the orange?:joint:

    kepitgrn Active Member

    wanna kill your plant??...feed it a multi vitimin when u water...(make sure you crush it into powder 1st)..lol..
    Daniel Sunderland

    Daniel Sunderland Member

    haha cool i just heard it was good for them. i was stoned and i thought it would work. good thing i asked first lol. what do the multi vitimins do for it anyway?

    whietiger88101 New Member

    If you really want to change the color of your buds like yellow or red etc i have heard people useing food coloring to make there buds change colors... is this safe ? i dont know ... i have personally never tried it , but if you have one female plant that your would experiment with let us know how it comes out.
    Daniel Sunderland

    Daniel Sunderland Member

    uh? crazy i might try it. im just using humbolt bloom at the time. ive been growing for about a year now. im just trying to go bigger and better.
    Lord Dangly Bits

    Lord Dangly Bits Well-Known Member

    This is right up there with the guy saying that crushing up Viagra an feeding it to your plants is a good thing. WOW!!!!!!

    WillyPhister Well-Known Member

    they should make a tv show called "Stoners Say The Darndest Things", they could even have Bill cosby host it. but anyways sorry guy, multi vitamins are for people not your herb plants, i wouldnt think that you'd notice any benefit from using them.
    Daniel Sunderland

    Daniel Sunderland Member

    hahaha okay. i get it now.
    Lord Dangly Bits

    Lord Dangly Bits Well-Known Member

    Just last night. I drank Grow Big Nutrients and had 12 inches of swing'n meat. But today it is back to normal.

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    I'm running pink food coloring this next go around. Can't get happier than pink pot...
    Lord Dangly Bits

    Lord Dangly Bits Well-Known Member

    Pink stinks!!!! So dam good!!!!!!!
    Mother's Finest

    Mother's Finest Well-Known Member

    Plants make vitamin C on their own and need it to survive. Studies at universities and research facilities, such as University of Exeter and California State, show that some added vitamins help plants improve their growth. It has also been shown that plants create their own vitamins. More research is ongoing, but a few vitamins are proven needed or helpful.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is needed for plant growth. An enzyme in plants produces vitamin C. A recent study by scientists at both The University of Exeter and Shimane University has proven that plants cannot grow at all without vitamin C. Plants use vitamin C to combat stress from uncontrollable weather conditions such as drought and UV radiation.

    Vitamin B

    According to researchers at Advanced Nutrients and master gardeners, Vitamin B is known to help plants grow stronger and larger than their normal size and strength. B5 is needed for overall growth, and without it, plants grow slowly or not at all. B1, Thiamine, helps create energy, which in turn increases growth and flower production. B1 also aids root strength and keeps the plant from getting shocked by damage or transplanting.

    Vitamin D

    The addition of vitamin D has been shown to improve plant growth, but is not needed for healthy plants. This was demonstrated by a student study at California State University. Vitamin D can be obtained through simple sunlight, which plants normally get on a regular basis. Adding vitamin D increases these levels. Why it improves growth is not know, but experiments have shown that it does.

    -Using just a little Ascorbic Acid as a pH adjuster can supply extra C and set the pH at the same time.

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