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vision spinner or ego twist..pure hash or only with glycerin?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by AJ6587, May 5, 2013.


    AJ6587 Member

    Does anyone know if you can vape pure wax with these and what the best cartidges are for pure wax (not a glycerin/wax mix).. i got this for nicotine juice not knowing it was similar to the omicron/gpen etc..

    VladFromOG Active Member

    Nothing with a wick will work for straight hash oil/wax, you must dilute with glycerin/limonene. Direct drip atomizers (google that term plus your ecigs thread type) have no wick and are just a heating coil at the bottom of a tube, they will work with solid waxes, but like all the ecig/vapepens they burn more than they vape. If you want a portable option, may I suggest a wand/concentrate bowl and a mouthpiece glass on glass adapter? I know the ecigs are pretty and cool but man they burn away a lot of your oil and taste terrible.

    Check out the link in my sig for more details, under the Apparatus and Ecigs sections

    SeedlessRyda Active Member

    While I have never tried bho in my ikenvape 306 I have tried ISO hash with no success, I am very confident to get good results you have to use full melt. And about the burnt taste, I have a variable voltage battery mod that might vape the oils without burning them. I have yet to try but am curious if it would work better.

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