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Virgin seeds

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by UncleSunny, Aug 24, 2007.


    UncleSunny Well-Known Member

    I found two seeds in a bag of Bubblegum Kush one day, and i asked the woman at the Medical marijuana store if the plant had come from a Hermie plant, or if somehow the grower accidentally spilled some seeds or something. The woman replied that every plant, fertilized or not, will grow a few seeds.

    I recently found another seed in a Sour Diesel bud. I would really, REALLY like to grow these, and ultimately love to get a male plant going in a seperate grow for Bubblegum Diesel seeds. MMMM...it sounds so yummy...
    but I have very little experience growing from seeds, and NO experience with these magical Sensamilla seeds.
    Has anyone grown a plant from a seed they found in a unfertilized bud? Is there something special I should know??? Could it be that these are actually just Hermie seeds, and if so, does that mean that they will all be female??
    Any input would be helpful. Peace.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    I would start the seeds in Rockwool cubes...

    I would also learn the VERY basic step of PHing your water... IT is easy and cheap[.. and ONCE you learn to Ph water you can grow a plant in almost any medium....

    You will also need some lights... even some nice basic CFLs from walmart will do GOOD.. but dont use bulbs less than 43 watts (150 watt equivelant)...

    DO you have an enclosed area to grow the plants?


    UnEmploymentDude Well-Known Member

    As for the virgin mother thing, maybe a nearby grow of even their grow had a male and it pollinated the plants before they found it and killed it. Just a though.

    UncleSunny Well-Known Member

    I dunno...today I found a seed in a bud of Jack Huerer...a mix of Northern lights, Haze and Skunk...good, good weed. I have found four seeds so far in weed that otherwise has none. Also, I know that the farmers from the place where I get all my smoke, for profit sake, keep any males far, far away. Growers out in California who sell to Marijuana clinics MUST be medical patients, and we are only allowed to grow 12 plants at a time, 6 flowering, six veg.
    Fortunately for me my wife is also a patient, so we can have 24 plants growing on our back porch...and the only folks who can bust us is the DEA, and even they don't have a case, really. We are legally allowed to grow our own weed. Many of the clubs you hear about being busted are busted because they are breaking certain aspects of Senate Bill 420, like buying off of non-patient growers, or buying from growers trying to exceed their limit. Don't get me wrong, we need to fight to maintain our medicine, but there are details...

    Anyhow, sorry, I'm really high right now. My point is YES, I do need to learn a lot about PH, because no matter what the story or freak accident of nature, I've got four seeds... Any direct info on germination would be great. I've tried and failed in the past, only getting successful crops (1 so far) from clones. I think, after finding seeds in sensemilla, the pot gods are trying to tell me it's time to try again. I'll wait, but any advice beyond, 'put e'm in a cup of distilled water and cross your fingers', would be very helpful.

    biggflintmi Well-Known Member

    What i do to germinate is fold a paper towel and soak it. Then i squeeze the water out. then i fold it back up and stick it in a ziplock baggie. then i just throw the seeds between the bag and the paper towel. I usually just throw them in the cupboard and wait about a day sometimes 2 days. Most of them usually sprout. Last time i did it 2 out of 3 sprouted their tap root. A lot of people put it between two plates as seen herehttp://www.rollitup.org/view.php?pg=faq&cmd=article&id=602. Good luck.

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