Vietnam Black???

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    MEANGREEN69 Well-Known Member

    looking for Vietnam Black seeds anyone know were i can get a hold of some??? or
    a pure thai strain?....any info whould be great,thanks :peace:MEANGREEN:peace:..

    bakinville Active Member

    seedboo under the gn collection..gypsy has pure thai..

    frmrboi Well-Known Member


    MEANGREEN69 Well-Known Member

    thanks alot guys...
  5. Well-Known Member

    bidzbay has the highland thai(now in laos 'cause the thai police can be nazis!)..$50.00 the real deal...these are the ones i'm getting..I bought trainwreck from the 'hempire...bidzbay is awesome!

    delerious Well-Known Member

    Snagged this. Maybe email ACE and see if they'll be releasing any more.

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  7. Well-Known Member

    wow! that's what I want!... meao is actually a derogatory term for the hmong- (s.e.asian hillbillies)...they're the little people from the land of fields of poppies-poppies-poppies...we totally left 'em hanging in vietnam and laos...shame on us! they still pay the price, while we try to pretend it never happened. deeeep shame! I'm sure there are plenty of cia and military vets who know exactly what I'm talking about! sorry about the agro rant...I got off subject there- I just have a connection with hill people, and most of all the hmong.

    MEANGREEN69 Well-Known Member

    yup DELERIOUS those look nice..can u give me the email addy for ACE...ALSO HILLBILLY can u tell my more about bidzbay? im never heard of it and sounds like something i mite like...thanks for the post guys...MEANGREEN.
  9. Well-Known Member

    subcool has his stuff at the best price on bidzbay...they're stealthy...and can be trusted with they have the independants- sometimes some rare cuts; but I really like the hempire's selection...that's where my lao is gonna' come from. I've ordered 6 times from bidzbay..."bob's my uncle!"

    MEANGREEN69 Well-Known Member

    kool hillbilly thanks 4 the info..

    metrogrowth Member

    Did you find what you were looking for?

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