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Victory Brand Superior Garden Soil

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Comacus, Jan 11, 2013.


    Comacus Member

    Has anyone used the Victory Brand Superior Garden soil as the base soil? I am making a small batch of Subs Supersoil, and 2/1 Ocean Forest/Light Warrior would be too much mix for me.

    A lot of the premium soils list the ingredients that Sub looks for in a soil. This one does as well.

    I have used it as plain potting soil and it looks like a good soil but no way to tell the concentrations of the premium additives vs Roots Organics or others.

    Comacus Member

    No one has used this with Subcool's method? It looks like it has all the right ingredients. Not that it makes a difference but it is made in Humboldt.

    The Hydro store where I purchased this says it is a light soil good for seed starting. With that in mind, it may not be rich enough as the base soil.

    If anyone has used this as their base how was it? Did you add anthing to make it richer?

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