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Vics Super Soil....few ?s

Discussion in 'Organics' started by smokerja, Jan 2, 2013.


    smokerja Member

    Ive decided to go with Vics Super Soil Recipe...it calls for 1tsp fritted trace elements. I have Azomite...will this work? also I have soft rock phosphate, alfalfa meal and green sand, the recipe dosent call for this but will it hurt to add it to the mix? how much of each would you guys add? Ive been told not to over think this organic thing but I want to maximize what I got...any help would be appreciated

    foreverflyhi Well-Known Member

    Also try humid acid or humus. I say wtv u do, keep it to a minimum, but make sure u balance everything out with a ph buffer like oyster shell or dolomite, don't forget to cook

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    Azomite will be even better. Use 1cup+/CF of mix.

    1cup/CF of the others listed will work fine.

    Yep, don't forget the lime.


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