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Vet says my cat has cancer....

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by april, Dec 6, 2010.


    april Pickle Queen

    Brought my cat to the vet today, found out he has terminal cancer, tumor in his nose/mouth. Vet says they can't save him because of where it is. I've had this guy 11 years. I'm torn between putting him down and waiting it out. We have an excelllent vet that says he's not in any pain but i ask how does she know??? He lost 9 pounds in the last few months (he was 20 pounds) super smart, he was tough to sit for treats. He eats, drinks and still catches mice, well plays with the ones the kittens catch but i don't want him to suffer, and i'm terrified to find him passed away.
    wow this sucks, anyone have similar situations they care to share, i just feel so sad this truly sucks!!

    Japanfreak New Member

    Friend lost his cat to cancer, says he just got weaker and weaker and even though tried spoiling the cat with his favorite foods finally he just stopped eating, didn't seem to me that the cat had any "quality" time but my friend seemed happy to keep him around a bit longer.
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    Supgee3 Well-Known Member

    I'm truly sorry to hear that because I have 3 cats and I love them to death.

    april Pickle Queen

    I feel the same as your friend, sounds selfish but i'd rather have 1 more month and have him pass here in his home then in a clinic, but the vet says if he gets worse (nose splits or tumor gets bigger he needs to be put down. His my first pet ,he's skinny and weak but still not bad enough that i could put him down. He gets a bowl of milk and whatever he wants from now on, i'll be lucky if he makes it to christmas is my gut feeling.

    socaliboy Active Member

    I'm so sorry to hear that april. My cousins dog had a massive tumor removed from its chest (just below his lungs), but sadly died just months after having the tumor....
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    april Pickle Queen

    Thanks supgee my cats are my babies until i have kids, i bawled a few hours today but i don't wanna be sad around him, he's been my bong buddy for years

    Karmapuff Well-Known Member

    Me and my fiance love our cat to death we got him as a kitten the first few months of our relationship and we all just grew together, all 3 of us cuddle together and watch t.v and do bong hits
    I am really sorry, but you got to remember how much joy he brought to your life. He was part of it but now its his time to move on.
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    april Pickle Queen

    Thanks man and sorry about your cousins dog, that would be hard

    april Pickle Queen

    Thanks karmapuff we have 3 total, all got when kittens about 8 weeks old, so i hear ya, atleast it was not sudden and i have time to accept it before he's gone

    bigmindhack Member

    If your vet says he is not in pain, he probably isn't. Yet. You know your kitty better than anyone, and I'm sure you'll be able to tell when he starts getting to be really uncomfortable. I had a diabetic kitty that I had to put to sleep and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. When they give the euthanasia shot it is so peaceful for them; she literally just laid her head down and that was it. It is way harder on us than it is them. I hope she sticks around to see at least 2011 with you. <3
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    april Pickle Queen

    Ya before he went to the vet i knew either he was gonna get put down or not have long, gut feeling. But your right i will know when its his time.
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    TaoWolf Active Member

    My sympathies... it does suck horribly. I can relate due to recently losing a dog to cancer. He was a Labrador Retriever that was with me for 16 years. Emotionally, it was no different than losing any close member of my family! But I also had a really hard time trying to know if/how much he was suffering towards the end... animals can be amazingly stoic about things that would leave the average person bedridden and non-functional...

    But you can get a good idea about the possible magnitude of suffering by the quality of life they maintain. If your cat is playing and eating and drinking - that's a sure sign that any pain/discomfort they feel is manageable to their unique personality. It's when they can't/won't do the most basic of things to have any quality of life due to pain that you might want to really consider making a decision about doing something...
    kether noir

    kether noir Well-Known Member

    My wife and i wish you and your kitty the best. our cats and dogs are our kids, until my power swimmers are given a green light.

    its kinda odd, but see if you can get a sense from your cat. does he/she seem ready? Whats your gut feeling?
    i have done this before, my mothers cat was too heavy to clean herself, and regardless of diet she got bigger.(she had mated and the embryos died. she was toxic and we had to let her go. but, even a bit before that she seemed ready to go.

    Now my wife's dog of 11 yrs has now developed large cyst like lumps. and he cries if he walks too much. more then anything, i think it's denial with her at the moment. i hope i'm wrong. i really do.

    best wishes,
    kether n~

    Love Is The Law
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    Homergrown Member

    I love animals. Please research essiac tea. It helps with cancer and can be used as a topical and supplement. Some pets respond very well to this stuff. I wish you all the best.

    PussymOneyWeed Well-Known Member

    I had the same thing happen too my cat jynx, i know exactly what you're goin thru. I waited until i could see that he was not happy and starting to be in pain before we had him put down. Honestly the hardest thing ive ever had to do. He was my first and only pet and he pretty much grew up with me through all the really rough parts of my life, as cheesy as it sounds, he was one of the few things that kept me sane. I fuckin loved that kitty =[

    angelsbandit Well-Known Member


    I am so sorry for what you are going thru - I know the love some of us feel for our creatures.
    Please remember that although you love them, it is not fair to allow them to suffer when that time comes.

    You are the one your creature loves, and depends on - make the right decission for your pet when the time comes.

    Arsehole Well-Known Member

    If he's not in pain and is still active I personally wouldn't put him down. I had to put my 19 year old cat down last winter after his cancer took a turn for the worse. Just give him some bongs hits to keep him at ease until it's time.

    swishsweet Active Member

    Sorry for the bad news :( I think that you should wait it out as long as you feel right... its your cat

    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    I am dealing with a similar situation. Last month I had to put down one of my 13 year old labs, and I think within a few days I might have to call the vet for his brother :(

    One of the hardest things a dog owner has to do is hold their dog while they get euthanized. :(

    angelsbandit Well-Known Member

    One of the hardest things a dog owner has to do is hold their dog while they get euthanized. :sad:

    But it is the right thing to do......being with you when the time comes gives them the comfort they deserve.

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