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Very low runoff pH. Why?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Rush56, Oct 10, 2013.


    Rush56 Member

    Hi all.
    I was always having some issues with pH, so this time i decided i won't miss a single watering without pHing it. I find use of digital ph meters too complicated(calibrating and buying things to calibrate). I have one and when i calibrated it out of the box, it didn't work as it should. And stupidly i didn't go to switch with another one. So i am just using a luquid pH test kit from ebay. It is designed especially for growers.

    Well, even i'm testing any watering and adjusting water/feeding solution to 6.5-7 pH, i am having trouble again.
    I have 2 bluebarries and 2 lemon skunks. A week ago i noticed increased number of spotting on blueberries. I did try adding some other fertilizer with micronutrients another one did not have. After that on one blueberry the problem seems to stopped progressing but on another one the leaves started to curl upwards(edges of leaves and later tips), but after that it seems like it stopped growing and it doesn't take water as others. Other 3 pots are dry and the 4th with that plant is still very wet.

    However, it was not my goal to go testing runoff today, but as i watered too much and got lot of runoff i decided to check what will pH of it show.
    I didn't water the problematic plant, as it is still very wet, but i did a quick test from a blueberry and lemon skunks, and it showed something like 4 i would say. There is no dark-red color on pH scale, but light-red is something like 4.
    And the most annoying fact is that both lemon skunks are very healthy and grow very well. No spots and no problems.

    P.S. Last time i was growing blueberries and lemon skunks, i also had a lot of trouble with them, but not with lemon skunks. Even that blueberry did a decent buds to look at and looked yummy, they are not tasty at all. I got many airy buds last time, as it did not finish properly, but few very rockhard too.. Even those were unnormally untasty... Well not much street weed is tasty for me, but most i grown except the last round of BB was tasty. And blueberry did not have any blueberry or other fruity aroma..

    Can anyone help? What is going on with pH? They only have 2-3 weeks i'd say to finish...
    One more thing i might need to mention. I think that even last grow, as lemon skunk(had only one plant) finished great, the runoff was too low once i tested..???
    Before grow start i mixed lime with soil which should neutralize pH.. Doesn't seem it helps much..


    robnarley1111 Active Member

    Do you have any pics to post to give us an idea of what the problem could be?

    I'm newbie, but I'll take a shot at helping...

    How much lime did you use to correct the PH?
    What kind of soil and nutrients are you using?

    If your input is 6.5+ and the runoff is in the 4's, your root zone is highly acidic, causing the lockout symptoms which will probably just get worse. Have you tried flushing and PH adjusting upward until you get a runoff in the ideal range? I haven't flowered a plant yet, but from what I understand they consume more nutrients during flowering and therefore are much more sensitive to PH fluctuations/problems; sometimes lime needs to be added several times to keep it balanced.

    Maybe light foliar feeding of nutrients will help until you fix the problem.

    Rush56 Member

    Like i said. Two of them are perfectly healthy altrought it showed as very low ph.. thats what is bothering me.. And why would soil be acidic anyway if input is proper and soil selection too.. Currently no pics, i will get them if troubles continue, but doesn't look to affect(anymore for one) the other 3 plants as they are fattening daily..:)

    KushMastuhh Member

    Sometimes leaves curl in the light when photosynthetic activity is peaking.

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