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vertical lighting and horizontal lighting.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by dannyking, Oct 25, 2008.


    GypsyBush Well-Known Member

    Fat Sam... if you arrange the plants right, yo uincrease your effective canopy area by a huge percentage...

    do some research and you will some some very impressive numbers coming out of vertical/stadium style grows...

    It CAN be much more efficient that horizontal lighting with a reflector.... if you set it up right....:o
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    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    here are some vertical pics from prawn connery over at the planet.




    Strawberry Well-Known Member

    wow man just a straight vertical grow... thats pretty cool. i was thinking of adding 3 or 4 250s vertical to my 2 1000 watts horizontal.

    dannyking Well-Known Member

    Hey guys. Its been a while since I've posted here but this is exactly what I'm doing at the moment but with my 400 and 250. Fan placed directly under lights and all my plants 8 to 10 inches away from bulbs. No heat issues at all. The good thing about growing this way is I think the initial stretch when flipped to flowering is substantially lessened. Some plants have stretched a bit but thats because of multiple strains, its nothing a small bit of training cant fix. So far, and its not been long, I would highly recommend this way of growing. We'll see at harvest. Good ventilation is a must of course. I've got quite a large fan for extraction(cant remember cfm at the moment) plus a carbon scrubber. Which is doing a fantastic job for me. Before I hooked it up you could smell the plants outside in the hall. I live in an apartment block.
    Not good. I set it up quite snappy that day.
    Thanks for all the help guys. I'll post a pic or two later when my lights come on.

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