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Vero29 Build..How many Cobs for 3x3?

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by Blazerr, Oct 3, 2017.


How many Vero29 chips would you use in a 32" x 32" space?

  1. 4 ] 69.4v @1.4amps (389w)

  2. 5 ] 69.4v @1.05amps (365w)

  3. 6 ] 69.4v @1.05amps (437w)


    Blazerr Active Member

    Hey guys I am looking to start my second grow but first I would like to build my very own, one of a kind COB lighting fixture. I am new to COB leds although I am a total DIY guy and have plenty of electrical and wiring experience.

    My grow tent is 32" x 32" x 63", just slightly smaller than a 3x3'.

    I am going to build a COB led to replace my 600w HPS. Here is my setup list:
    - (6) Vero29 69.4v 3500k 90 CRI "BXRC-35G10K0-C-7X"
    - (2) MeanWell HLG-240-c1050b Drivers
    - (6) 120-140mm Pin Heatsinks or Alpine 11 active fans.
    ¾” angled aluminum to build the frame.

    I am looking for an efficient setup that will work great during veg and flower. I am stuck between deciding if I should use only 5 veros or go for 6! If I do choose to only run 5 veros, what driver do you recommend using?

    With 5 COB's this light should use 365w. That's about 51 watts / Sq. Foot.
    Or with 6 COB's....437w total and 62 watts / Sq. Foot.

    I would also like to add red and blue or maybe IR and UV LEDs around the fixture for supplemental lighting. I was thinking I could purchase an additional smaller driver and attach an on/off switch so I can use these lights during flower. Another thought would be to use only (5) veros but have (2) MW 240 drivers and use the excess power from one driver to power these extra lights (they must be able to run @ 1.05amps). Please let me know if you have any suggestions or advice regarding these smaller lights.

    Sorry for making this post so long, I am just trying to be as detailed as possible! Please let me know your thoughts on my setup or if you have any recommendations that could help. Thanks :bigjoint:

    Rahz Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    I think it's smart to run them at 1050ma... the Alpines would do the job. If you go passive I suggest minimum 140mm sinks, better temps with 150mm, splayed if possible. Will also suggest running 6 (2 rows of 3) rather than 5 with one in the middle. Either way will work but having that cob in the middle will boost intensity where it would already be the highest.

    nc208 Well-Known Member

    If money is no object then get 6 over 5. You will get a better more even spread and can run them softer vs the 5. I run my C's at 1050ma on rapids 140mm and it works great.
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    Tiky Active Member

    I'm building out basically the same space requirement as my original 3X3 space is now double the size and i'm adding a DIY light.

    I'm going with even numbers....keep hearing to do these in rows with a good gap to avoid a spike in the center.

    I went with a ~400w build using 4X Vero29 C's running on two HLG-185H-C1400B with their own dimmers. Its basically two 200W builds.

    I'm hearing 35-45W/sq ft is plenty with these badboys....i'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    I’m running vero29C in a 3x3 Tent you’ll love it


    randomusername420 New Member

    Hey can you pm me? Have some questions about your build

    rshackleferd Well-Known Member

    Im running 5 cxb3590s at 140 watts during grow then slowly turn them up to 250 watts for flower on five cobs in a 3 x 3 room. Getting better results from cobs than i was getting with a 515 watt mh/hps setup. I also have the cobs/heat sinks in treys so i can move them around to areas that need the most light.

    Set up; This list does not contain the power cord, dimmer, or home built treys that i put the cobs on. The equipment was bought from alibaba in china for $313, shipping took just 8 days to US, they provided tracking number and etc.

    1 HLG-240H-C1400B 100 - 278 watts "Led driver"
    5 Passive Heatsinks @ 133*H70mm Wish i would have went with a larger heatsink but these work fine.
    5 CXB3590 3500K CD 36V 80CRI "Cobs"
    5 Ideal 50-2303CR "cob mount"
    5 Ideal 50-2300AN "reflector mount"
    5 KB-D82-90RF "Reflector"
    12 feet or more of 18 gauge wire to hook the cobs together with the led driver

    If i had to do it all over again i would use vero29 3000 90 cri cobs and also use larger passive heatsinks. The temps get kinda hot during the summer even though i am slightly under powering them. The laser temp guage shows the cobs run at 120F in the middle of summer, manufacturer basically said to keep them under 178F otherwise you will start loosing efficiency. However i am real happy with the results i am getting with the cxb cobs. Never going back to mh/hps or led panels. I really like how the cobs dont put a strain on your eyes, its like a regular soft very bright light bulb. :bigjoint:

    It might not be pretty but its functional, I can move the cobs around anywhere i choose. I also have the option to take them off and hang them or use one or more at a time such as during the seedling faze to save power. You need a separate driver to run one or two at a time
    uploaded pictures
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    Madmungo Well-Known Member

    9 @ 700 mA

    randomusername420 New Member

    Hey, why would you go with 3000k 90 cri? not 3500k ? Wouldn't that cause a lot more stretching for veg?

    133 get hot with 50W? I was suggested to use them with 75W COBs

    Do you have exhaust fan and oscillating fans inside the tent?
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    rshackleferd Well-Known Member

    Its mainly because of the CRI "color rendering index". I have seen a few comparison grows between 90cri and 80cri, with the 90cri pulling ahead but not by much. I would do the grow with 3500 and flower with the 3000. If i had the cash. Dont get me wrong i think the 3500 do just fine with both grow and flower. In fact if they had a 90cri version of a 3500 i would go with that over the 3000 for both grow and flower.

    Since my grow room is outside it will get up to 90F+ degree in the grow room during the hottest part of summer. However its nowhere near damage level with the cobs. I would like it to be cooler than 120F on the cob, cooler the better. Damage starts at 200F on the cob itself. If i had proper ventilation the cobs would run much much cooler. When its 87F outside the cobs go up to about 90 to 100F, which is actually a cool temp for a cog.
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    E2DX Member

    I understand the power and heat savings with COB's why not maximize power saving with a light mover get the COB's closer to the plant canopy and dim them down instead of buying more lights and drivers? Example 4 parallel COB's in a 4x4 tent with a light mover, thats my plan with 2x HGL-185H-C1400B and 4 Vero 29 3500K 80cri "C" and just use a light mover. Or is that Idea just DERP?
    Seconds floor

    Seconds floor Member

    Im Running a 4x4 tent with 6x Vero Bs 1750ma driver total led watts 546w
    Its not been im. Long about two weeks so i still have a lot to learn.

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