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Discussion in 'Legalization Of Marijuana' started by Xcoregamerskillz, May 5, 2017.


    Xcoregamerskillz Well-Known Member

    Vermont's House just passes a bill that would allow (has to pass a 3rd reading) cultivation and possesion. This would mean that 1/2 of new England would have legal pot. Who woulda thunk it?
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    tyson53 Well-Known Member

    New England will be the new west coast in a few years...more strains are made in NE now than any where...we are now called the Beast Coast growers..lol...every thing here is a beast..lots of good stuff will be coming from VT..Maine and Mass..u will see..there is good strains out there now..but more to come now...
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    eyes Well-Known Member

    unfortuately nothing is passed as of yet. The bill is headed for the senate for a review. Legislation was added for rec and such and now it need to be reviewed again. They are sayiing maybe by january although you still need scott to sign off on it which is unlikely. I think sears added the rec to the bill to make it harder and convolute things as not to pass.

    Xcoregamerskillz Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I don't love in BY, I'm in mass, it was just a thing I saw. I think it's an eventuality for New England though.
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    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    Massachusetts is doing everything they can to slow down rec marijuana. Everything from raising the age of consumption from 21 to 25 to raising sales tax to 20%, allowing towns to ban growing in your home, no advertising on tv or radio all kinds of stupid shit. Politicians will make it so difficult and expensive to grow, market, and sell the average person will have no chance of being involved legally. The top 1% of corporate america will own the industry as long as they keep those campaign contributions coming.
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    Xcoregamerskillz Well-Known Member

    Yes, those are things on the table; however, they have to pass. I do recommend calling and e-mailing your reps again and urging them to resist changes to the legislation. Encourage friends of yours to do the same. Make it clear that their votes on this will influence your ballot choices in the future.

    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    Vermont senate has passed the house bill, goes to governor for his decision. First state legislature in the US to vote to approve rec MJ, the other rec legal states became so through ballot initiative.

    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    Vermont Governor vetoes recreational marijuana bill passed by both state legislative bodies.

    Xcoregamerskillz Well-Known Member

    Do they get a chance to pass it by 2/3 vote?

    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    An override of the governor's veto seems unlikely as the bill didn't originally pass with a 2/3rds majority.

    Xcoregamerskillz Well-Known Member

    That sucks. The more places it's legal the bettet, imo

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    This sucks.

    Better luck next year.

    Put it on the ballot?

    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    Not an option in Vermont. Legislature will need to try again.
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    Xcoregamerskillz Well-Known Member

    You don't have referendums in VT?

    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    No direct voter referendum in Vermont. Legislators can put referenda on the ballot, but not voters.

    Xcoregamerskillz Well-Known Member

    Sounds to me like it's time to 1) start a campaign to get your state reps to put this on the ballot and 2) start a campaign for an amended state constitution that allows voter referenda.

    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    Vermont legislature will have a chance next week to override the governor's veto of the recreational cannabis bill approved earlier in the legislative session.

    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    Yesterday Republicans in Vermont's lower legislative chamber blocked the vote to override the governor's veto of the legalization legislation passed earlier this year.

    The next chance for Vermont to pass legalization legislation is in January.

    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    Vermont legalization has been approved by the legislature and signed into law by the governor. Adult use recreational cannabis becomes legal on July 1. The new law allows home grown cultivation, but makes no provisions for sales.

    ILoveYouSweetLeaf Active Member

    Vermont resident......I can grow July 1st 2018. VERY HAPPY.

    but I just cant get my head around it.
    more then half the time I think about it (which is a lot)... it still feels like its a dream.
    never thought we would get it legal in 2018 after the republican governor vetoed it in 2017. I figured it would take 2-3 more years before it got brought back up and passed.
    just 5-10 years ago, to think the Whole country has a chance to go legal was a pipe dream.

    BTW: FU Bilbo Bigot Sessions

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