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Discussion in 'Vermont Patients' started by VTMi'kmaq, Oct 19, 2015.


    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    There doing seminars o how to deal with the health impacts of the impending legalization thats chuggin thru the statehouse....bout time imho. I'd like to get a headstart on doing what i love with no overhead worry........anyone else excited for this up and coming beautiful situation??????

    800px-Willoughbuy.jpg 3733d12f60.jpg 69475124_7ffa502ee1_z.jpg flat,550x550,075,f.jpg mt mansfield.jpg vermont-marijuana.jpg
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    Tyrone Smith

    Tyrone Smith Member

    I have skimmed through the preposed bill... There are some holes....

    eyes Well-Known Member

    What holes did you see? I have seen different proposals but Who knows what they will settle on. You can bet alot of these big guys, that have political ties, on the mm coalition board will have their hands greased first. I am not even sure how the little guy is going to prosper with the upcoming bill. Certainly dont put all your faith on legislation coming to the rescue for small time mj growers.
    Tyrone Smith

    Tyrone Smith Member

    100 sq foot grow space but can only have an oz at a time lol

    eyes Well-Known Member

    Can you throw me a link for what you read? 100 sq ft and an oz at a time? That just seems stupid. I read 9 plants max. It all depends if you are a co-op or an industrial producer or one of many licensed growers selling to the co- op. Who knows which way is up with these people. State is broke like the rest as 1 in 3 are on medicaid. 85 million deficit in 2017 fiscal year.

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