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Verizon FIOS

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by PuffPuffPuffGive, Apr 15, 2009.


    PuffPuffPuffGive Active Member

    So, I have a small clone garden growing, under 15 plants, in the wash room of my apartment.

    I live in Maryland.

    Out of the 15 plants, 10 are almost ready.

    So, Verizon FIOS needs to enter my apartment to put their bullshit cable into my life. I take the day off work, move the plants to a room they won't be working in. (the plants are ak-47 clones, 1 week to harvest, stinky, about half a pound)

    Verizon Fios enters, cuts holes in my ceiling, in the bathroom, the washingmachine/grow room (completely empty), and another room.

    Then one of the motherfucking workmen calls the police on me for smelling bud.

    Cops show up an hour later, say they've got a complaint, can they search?
    I say, No, that I smoked a joint earlier in the day and maybe they saw that, but why are they harassing me smoking a joint in my own house?

    They go to the rental office, tell them that they could not verify the mj smell, and that they did not arrest me.

    Do I have grounds to sue Verizon for this breach of privacy?

    If so, anyone know a MD lawyer?

    or should I just shut up?

    should I get rid of my gear?
    (we're moving june 14 to another , bigger apt in same complex)

    I have no other legal issues.

    Some help, commiseration would be great!

    -Puff Puff

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Just be happy you did the right thing and denied them the opportunity to search.

    No there's nothing you can do, utility workers are ENCOURAGED to rat us out, they get seminars on that shit and on how to spot a grow house or meth house etc.

    PuffPuffPuffGive Active Member

    you think the cops are coming back based on what they told the rental agency? should I be careful about helicopters?

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    No sounds to me like you covered perfectly. If they had something on you, you'd be in custody already.

    KaliKitsune Well-Known Member

    First thing - move your grow elsewhere. Get it out of your house.

    Next - do you have Verizon service? There's a privacy policy in the contract you signed - if it doesn't mention something of that nature, you have them on a breach of contract, invasion of privacy, and (now that there is no grow room or plants if you moved them out) slander/defamation. You told the cop you smoked a J, he said he couldn't verify the MJ source, he left. That police report is your evidence against Verizon.

    Otherwise, the best thing you could do is call Verizon and go "Your technician invaded my privacy, you are liable and you will be hearing from my lawyer," and immediately hang up. Then go call a lawyer.

    I'm not a lawyer - my friend's father is and this is what he suggested. I'm just relaying.

    SOorganic Well-Known Member

    Man just be greatful your not in a world of shit now. Dont fuck with ur good luck or it may come back to bite u in the ass.

    PuffPuffPuffGive Active Member

    Word. That's how I'll play it. Nice and Karmic.

    dontcopnone Well-Known Member

    Think of the risk - I'd definitely get rid of the grow. While pursuing legal action/attempting to get someone fired may satisfy your urge for vengeance, ask yourself if it is worth your time and perhaps the attention it will bring to your personal life?
    Another thing to think about; what if the tech said something to the housing office?

    You should strongly consider ending your grow and laying low for a bit. I know the situation can be complex...but is it worth going to jail?

    Quick question - what kind of odor control are you using for your grow? I think it might be a good idea to keep some Ozium handy for situations such as this in the future.

    KaliKitsune Well-Known Member

    If the cop told the housing office he couldn't verify the source of the smell then the housing office has no reason to suspect him, especially when the cop already talked to him.

    dontcopnone Well-Known Member

    I didn't say anything about the cop taking to his housing office. I said the Tech. Why would he stop at telling the cops? Snitches will flap their mouths to anyone who will listen.

    If a cop comes to my home and I am so lucky to avoid being busted...

    ...you can bet I'm going to eradicate incriminating evidence ASAP. Staying out of jail is worth it. Call me a wuss or tell me I'm too paranoid, I have no problem with that. Sometimes a little paranoia is healthy for people in our situation. I think a lot of people on these forums are quite young and have not had sufficient time to grow out of the adolescent fantasy of being invulnerable and all-knowing.

    KaliKitsune Well-Known Member

    Oh, I know - note in my post above that said "First, get rid of your shit!"

    IceIceBaby Well-Known Member

    yea man cut what you have down and whatever isnt ready cut it as a loss.....and do not relocate in the same complex i would totally up and move outa there asap. better be safe then sorry....

    fuck the cops...and fuck that snitch ass Fios guy.


    PuffPuffPuffGive Active Member

    That's exactly what I did, I cut it all down and gave it away.


    IceIceBaby Well-Known Member

    shit! i would have sold it dirt cheap to one of my buddies who i KNOW for a fact would smoke it all with me anyway haha. and i would have rolled like 10 super blunts !!!!!!

    damn man....sorry for your loss. better safe than sorry.


    dontcopnone Well-Known Member

    That makes me think of Pulp Fiction:
    "...you may feel a slight sting. That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps."

    I pride myself in being an honest man and I will admit I would probably get choked up chopping the girls down prematurely.

    smokeybandit22 Well-Known Member

    the rea question is...why wouldnt you just reschedule the appt with them if you were one week from harvest? you could have had everything clipped and stored by than, thus avoiding this headache. half pound must mean at least 3 plants if not more, would u think they would not smell it? ripening bud does not smell the same as recently smoked bud, you know.

    caracal Member

    I work for the cable company and we are told that its none of our business what happens on the home owners property. And to just do our job and get to the next job as quick as possible.

    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    I'd go after the guy/company on any grounds you can.. Asuuming you get nowhere with that legitimately, there are forums for cable/internet providers that techs/installers frequent.. Create a BS story where your innocence is maintained but you were put through a shitload of grief without grounds.. But that you're happy now because your imaginary civil suits are looking promising, and that the cable company chose to fire that installer in an attempt to distance themselves from the litigation..
    Ppl are rightfully afraid to enact a citizen's arrest because of the risk of legal reprocussions, if we can make installers fear for their jobs because the giant mega-corporations lied in the seminars, and will just hang them out to dry at the drop of a hat if things get legally dicey, alot of them might just choose the route of self preservation..

    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    This is actually pretty common practise as I know it too.. Perhaps a few companies want their employees to involve themselves, but it really isn't profitable use of time for them..
    I know of one cable company (well a small installation outsourcing company) who tell their guys to be ready with their drill, and just gun it through the absolute easiest spot before the homeowner gets a chance to stop them and tell them to drill somewhere less idiotic, and more time consuming..:)

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    any updates to this situation? Your lucky. Let it be. You should have been more carefull if you called Fios for service. Conservative people deal with any type drug much differently then you and I. The asses usually still see weed as a gateway drug.....stupidity.

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