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Venting 4x8 tent in basement: Passive, Active or Sealed?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by jokerjon00, May 26, 2013.


    jokerjon00 Active Member

    Hey all,

    Setting up a new growing area in my basement and have a few questions about ventilation and the set up in general.

    For starters I am planning on running (3) 4x8 tents with (2) 600w hps' in each. The first question is does this make sense or should i buy a bigger tent(ex 8x8, 10x10 etc.)?

    Now in regards to venting the only experience I have is a 4x4 tent with one 600w hps where I had passive airflow flaps on tent open and inside the tent had carbon filter>vortex fan>light>outside. Will this same setup work in a bigger tent by just using a bigger fan? Or should I have active intake and then separate exhaust through lights? Or should I set up a lung room or seal the room?

    Thanks for any suggestions. Appreciate the help.

    Doer Well-Known Member

    I can submit that my little experiments have shown it is much better to force exhaust than to force intake.

    It is a pressure thing. Adding positive pressure adds heat. It is good to exclude mold spore having positive pressure, but you can bring in passive filtered air.

    Don't you have to evacuate all the heat from the basement? It doesn't do any good to just heat the room we draw air from.

    I say since it is a basement, find where you can bring in cool air, and then exhaust with a big fan, to outside.

    jokerjon00 Active Member

    Basement stays pretty cool. I was saying have a small intake fan and then a bigger exhaust, so still creating negative pressure, but u think passive will be better?

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    I would say 2x600W for a 4x8ft tent is kind perfect, you wont have any problem`s covering all the space, and not total over kill, seems spot on, if you can control heat, witch lead me to the ventilation, its 4x600W we are talking about here right

    that will make a lot of heat, options are many, IMO I would for sure run a seperate line for the lights, and a vent for then tents

    then its just about thinking out the right combo Im sure you could make different set up works, so maybe choose based on what is available and cheapest

    with out doing the math, I would say 4x6 inch vent could do the job, 2 for each tent, one for the lights and one for the ventilation

    just how I might do it, but ventilation is needed with 2400W of HID

    jokerjon00 Active Member

    Hey it's actually 3600w. 3 tents 2 lights in each. Would an 8" extraction fan in each through lights do good for cooling?

    Also if I sealed it the ac exhaust would go out a window do I just put a fan and carbon filter in middle of room with no ducting? And that would take care of smell that may come out of ac exhaust?

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