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Ventilation Plans for Cfl Grow Box, Looking for Some Comments!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by TinyGrow, May 18, 2011.


    TinyGrow Active Member

    :eyesmoke:Hello everyone! I just wanted to come on here and tell you my plans for my ventilation system and maybe see if anyone can tell me if I have missed anything!

    ** Please note, I will not be changing my fans, purchasing new fans, installing bulky inline fans, or putting an ac unit in this box - so please base your comments off of what I have or dont post your opinion at ALL****

    I needed to make sure this vent system was 100% operational + had a fail-safe line to keep it running; because last batch that I put into the box died from overheating when my 12v adapter took a dump on me. I originally had 4 regular CPU fans and 1 high powered cpu blower attached to a 4-12v adjustable adapter. This adapter was the one that failed and put me in the shits. The following is the best decription that I can give about the electronics/wiring used to make the new system, i didnt do it my friend whos an electrician rigged it up for me!

    I removed the 4 cpu fans, replaced them with a 5"w-3"h intake hole with a light sealing duct cover on it. I replaced the high powered loud ass cpu blower (exhaust) with another high powered but quieter cpu blower which exhausts through a home depot "gutter tube" that cost me 2 bucks and fit the thing perfectly w enough length to line the ground and go out the window so its not too visable.

    The fan is connected to to a 12 hour run time battery, which acts as an outlet while plugged in/charging without using battery time. If my power goes out, the battery continues to run giving the box proper time to cool down before the vent system shuts down, therefor saving my plants from a mass heat death.

    Now, my vent issue doesnt end there - if by chance the fan itself dies on me I installed a TINY (1"x1") cpu fan into the direct center of the top of the box that exhausts directly into my room. This fan is covered by a light sealed duct cover and (this is where idk wtf my electeician friend did) its powered into another tiny battery (hour or two run time) system that is set to only turn on when power to it from the outlet is cut off?

    Thats the best way I can expalin it. We tried every method to kill my crop (as bad as that sounds) by use of power outages / fan failures and the sysem worked WELL.

    Anybody have any comments or? If your a troll just press the back button.

    sinisterreasons Member

    what size box are you running this in? hows the temps?

    theonlineguy Member

    ^ sinisterreasons brings up good points

    What are the dimensions you have for your cab? If you are using a 5"x3" exhaust hole with a cpu fan, I'm gonna assume its a compact cab... 1.5'x1.5'x2'? or so? If it is just for one plant it might be okay, but best thing to do is to put a max/min thermometer and see what temps you are getting in there, as long as you have enough air moving out, and enough fresh air coming in you'll be good. Good luck!

    TinyGrow Active Member

    phase 1.jpg this is a diagram of what im talking about, minus the electrical specs that safe guard

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