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Ventilation help, 600w grow tent in apartment closet.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by spongg, Apr 18, 2012.


    spongg Member

    well this is my first time ever posting on rollitup, although I've been avidly reading through this site long before I started growing.
    this is my first attempt at growing, and already ive run into a problem.
    Heres a bit of info about it.
    I started the grow with cfls, and i switched to the 600w mh light... I'd read about the gas lantern routine (12-1) so i decided to give it a try since less hours the light is on is less heat.
    anyway, i have a 4x4x6.5 tent in 4.5x7 closet, and i currently have a 170cfm inline fan pulling through a cooltube and exhausting out of a carbon filter, the problem is that im exhausting it back into the closet, since i dont really have another choice. i went and bought a big box fan to put in the tent, but still with the light on and the tent closed, temps are well over 90f. For now, im leaving the tent open and the closet door open, but that wont be possible once they start smelling. I just ordered an exhale co2 bag so that heat wont be as big of an issue, however i would still like to drop the temps, at least below 85f. the side of the closet that is accessible (barely, i have to squeeze between the corner of the tent and the closet opening) is on the right side of the tent, and is about 2 feet wide by 4.5 feet long, and houses the ballast, fan and filter, and my grow supplies that i dont want laying around in my room. on the other side of that wall is my bathroom, and the bathroom fan is located on the wall on the other side. any suggestions as to how i should go about venting the closet/grow tent?

    This is my tent inside my closet... lol it barely fit
    also the first three pictures were taken on my computer so theyre mirror images.
    Photo on 2012-04-18 at 10.30.jpg

    Photo on 2012-04-18 at 10.30 #2.jpg

    There is a vent above the tent, not sure exactly if that is of any use.
    Photo on 2012-04-18 at 10.30 #3.jpg
    fan and filter set up right outside tent

    LILBSDAD Well-Known Member

    If there is space above your ceiling you can vent up into your attic or crawl space so it is not just going into the same room. Also if you run your lights at night when it is cooler and off during the day when it is warmer you will lower your temps. Best of luck to you

    spongg Member

    lol its funny you commented cause your thread was part of the reason i started the 12-1 grow cycle. anyway, im not sure exactly whats above- im on the 2nd floor and there is an apartment above me. could i vent it through the wall and maybe into my bathroom fan? or maybe connect something to the vent in the ceiling?

    fir3dragon Well-Known Member

    you need a 6 inch fan and filter. im battling the same issue as you and 4 inch just isnt enough. you need 6 inch.

    sandiegojack2 Well-Known Member

    4" 6" same shit you need an A.C. 5000 btu to owl's shawdow 006.jpg take care of it once and for all! then use Co2 boost bucket and don't vent. 125.00 well spent! set it and forget it! been there done that, a 6" will take it all the way down to 88-90 nfg can't count on it I run 77 to 77!!!! stays constant!!!!!don't chase your tail like I did!! just run fan through light from outside and go straight through! good luck and only the best of wishes..Jack! owl's shawdow 2 009.jpg owl's shawdow 009.jpg

    spongg Member

    i cant install an ac lol im in a college apartment, and my closet is pretty much in the center of the apartment. i think im just gonna cut a hole in the wall and vent into my bathroom. thanks for the replies guys

    fir3dragon Well-Known Member

    4 inch and 6 inch isnt the same thing. 4 inch is 200 cfm and 6 inch is 450 cfm. more cfm means more air movement. more air movement means lower temps.

    fir3dragon Well-Known Member

    if your in a apartment then im sure you got central air. if you do, then i would upgrade to a 6 inch fan and filter. you want the filter inside the tent at the top, ducting running from the filter to your hood and ducting running from the hood to your fan. run ducting from your fan and vent in the bathroom or whatever i wouldnt do bathroom though because if someone comes over they can see it. i would do it in either the wall, roof or floor.

    try to keep the bends in your ducting to a minimum this will increase airflow. and also, you could always get a speed controller and turn it down if you need to.

    spongg Member

    problem solved :). i cut a hole in my closet wall, and then cut a hole 6 inches higher through my bathroom wall. now i can vent straight into the wall, and it exhausts into my bathroom (i dont care if my bathroom gets a little toasty, if it gets too hot in my room, i can just open my door to the rest of the apartment. temp is at 83.8 which is a huge improvement over the nearly 100f temps i had when i was venting into the closet

    fir3dragon Well-Known Member

    thats still high temps.

    testtime Active Member

    Cut holes in walls leading back to your bedroom and put 8 inch tubes to the windows. And if you are in a hot area, put a portable AC unit in that pumped into grow area and exhausts out the windows.

    Be prepared for PANICKY inspections by the maintenance crew!

    Cover EVERYTHING with reflective heat blankets to minimise uncontrolled heat exchange.

    I was running 4 x 400 watts in a walkin closet this way. 4 cool tubes joined in sequence angled over a 3 x 4 foot area.

    Lady.J Well-Known Member

    Funny how the title says you're in an apartment, you've mentioned more than once in your posts that you're in an apartment, and you still get advice as if you were in a house.

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